What is the advantage of Jolionfoods’ rice stick(Vermicelli)?

Rice vermicelli noodles

Rice vermicelli is a thin variation of rice noodles. They are occasionally mentioned as rice sticks or rice noodles, but they must not be mixed up with cellophane noodles, unlike Asian kind of vermicelli prepared from rice starch or mung bean starch instead of rice grains.

What is rice vermicelli made of?

Rice vermicelli noodles are prepared mainly of rice. Its important components are water and rice flour. Still, sometimes producers include cornstarch or tapioca to increase noodle quality. 

Rice vermicelli is a thin little change from rice noodles. This almost like pasta, and created in many sizes and shapes. Rice vermicelli is mainly the rice form of angel hair pasta.  

A lot of people mixed up rice vermicelli noodles with cellophane noodles. They are dissimilar. Cellophane noodles are prepared for rice starch or mung bean. Rice vermicelli is prepared with real rice grains.

These noodles are usually known as rice sticks or rice noodles.


Cooking Tips

Mix in boiled water 10 to 15 minutes before using it. After mixing, rice stick noodles require no more than a minute of cooking, whether through stir-frying or boiling.

What is the difference between rice noodles & rice vermicelli?

The many forms of rice noodles, Are all these are the same? Yes or no. Rice noodles are produced in many different sizes and shapes. Rice vermicelli is really a form of rice noodles. Rice noodles also contain chow fun or kuey tiao, mixin, rice noodle rolls, rat noodles (lau shu fen), rice cake sticks, and rice stick noodles. 

What is the meaning of vermicelli?

Vermicelli is an Italian name. The name translates exactly as little worms. The noodle word is known because of its look which relates little worms. 

Vermicelli is a form of noodle that is thin and long. It varies a little in size depending on the region. Depending on the country, its ingredients differ also. In Asia, vermicelli is prepared mostly of rice. The maximum of Asia also prepared it from starches. The most common starches contain that, mung bean, rice, sweet potato, and pea. 

In Italy, vermicelli is prepared from wheat. It looks like spaghetti but is denser. In the US, it is somewhat thinner. In India, vermicelli is also prepared from wheat that is usually called Maida. 

Advantages of Jolionfoods’ rice stick:

Rice vermicelli is gluten-free:

Yes, vermicelli white rice flour is gluten-free. Rice vermicelli is prepared from rice flour thus it is gluten-free too. In addition, they are 100 percent fat-free. Besides that, these noodles are vegan and sugar-free. This makes them a much safer carb to eat than the run of the mill rice or pasta. 

Its supplementary ingredients, tapioca flour, and starch or corn are also gluten-free.

Indian and Italian vermicelli is prepared from wheat; therefore, it is not gluten-free. If you are not sure when purchasing, be assured to check labels. Gluten-free items usually every time come with a label. Also, these noodles are vegetarian.

Good for digestion

Jolionfoods’ gluten free rice stick holds a great quantity of dietary fiber. This is the key reason why rice stick noodles are capable to provide the health benefits of rice stick noodles for digestion. This way, the eating of rice stick noodles might stop you from getting into digestive problems like bloating and constipation.

Lose weight

No fat in rice stick noodles allows you to sustain your weight. It is possible because the calorie you take from rice stick noodle is completely turned into energy without producing fat. This way, you will feel your belly filled. And the most main thing, you will stay healthy.

Improve blood circulation

The particle of iron in the rice stick noodles is very useful for the blood flow. Iron allows better blood flow as an oxygen carrier. This way, iron makes clear that each part of the body receives sufficient oxygen and able to perform accurate functioning.

Strengthen bones

Not just iron, rice stick noodles also carry the other important minerals such as calcium. The calcium we get from rice stick noodles maybe not really important. But, this calcium consumption is capable to improve your bone strength. It can also decrease the danger of osteoporosis. So, you can change your routine pasta with rice stick noodles to make your bones healthy.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes mostly initiated because of the rise of blood sugar levels. But do you know? Eating simple rice may have a different result than eating rice stick noodles. Rice stick noodles tend to have a lesser glycemic guide. This way, eating rice stick noodles may be able to control blood sugar levels and also avoid diabetes.

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