Residential Proxy for Better Internet Performance

What is actually proxy? In a computer network, proxy server is a kind of server that is acted as the intermediary for clients’ requests to look for resources from other servers. When a client is connected to a proxy server and then he asks some services including files, connections, web pages, and many more, the proxy server will evaluate the requests as a way to ease and control the complexity. Proxy is created to add the structures and encapsulation for distributed systems. Recently, almost all of the proxies are categorized as web proxy. It is to facilitate the access of content within the World Wide Web as well as provide the anonymous. So, is it also related to the residential proxy? Well, when we talk about residential proxy, it can be defined to a proxy server that is located in users’ local computers. If it is not, the proxy is then put on various spots between the computers and destination servers.

How does residential proxy works?

Of course, it is clear that such a server is indeed needed and advantageous for home internet users. Without we may realize, it is all about complex system and process. At least, there are 3 principles applied to make the residential server works well.

  • First, a proxy server that is passing through requests and responses and they are not being modified is known as “the gate” or Proxy Tunneling.
  • Second, forward proxy is an internet proxy that is functioned to face and take content for various sources anywhere from the internet.
  • Last, there is a reverse proxy, a sort of internal proxy, to be used as the front-end and to control as well as protect the access to server within private network. Besides, this proxy also does some tasks like load-balancing, authetification, describing, and caching.

What are the benefits of residential proxy?

To know them more, you should see the first aim; why the proxy was made. Proxy, in general, is functioned to take, carry, and give. Then, it also brings back every client’s request and the request is kept in a storage namely cache. Well, cache, in simple words, can refer to a temporary storage. Therefore, for every request that comes through proxy, it can be kept in cache. It is to fasten the service process anyway.Maybe, it sounds a little bit weird. How can the process be fastened when you use the third party? It can be explained as follows. When your computer makes a request via browser like Google through proxy, the page will be saved by the proxy in cache. Someday, when you want to request the same page, proxy doesn’t need to take it directly from Google’s computer server. It is reasonable then if your request can be simply processed later. With such a way of working, proxy is very ideal to be used by a certain system where there is more than one user who accesses the same line. This reason makes networks of offices, schools, colleges, and other departments must use proxy. Yes, proxy tends to give more benefits than the lacks. Another benefit is that the server does not recognize your original IP address. The IP address mentioned is the address of proxy, not yours. Despite your identity is safer, this enables the server to allow you to access them. Yes, the server sometimes doesn’t permit unknown IP address to access the content.Meanwhile, residential proxy basically also applied the same principle. However, since the internet users at home are less than those public facilities, the type of proxy you use must be in different type. But in general, your internet activities are helped more by using residential proxy.

How is to get residential proxy?

Unfortunately, residential proxy is still something strange nowadays. Yes, many people may have used it without realizing it. However, if you have checked your internet connection and found that there is no private proxy there, it is much better to have it by now for many reasons mentioned before. There are many companies out there that provide residential proxies for this matter. Sure, you must choose one of them that are considered as the best. Out of those companies, there are 5 providers recommended for you by They are Geo Surf, Micro Leaves, Storm Proxies, Luminati, and Proxy Rack. To meet your needs, some packages are offered with different prices for sure. The most important thing is that those proxy providers are really safe and guaranteed to give you better internet performance. So, are you interested to apply one of those residential proxies?

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