7 Things a Legal Billing Software Can Do

Differentiation in the legal marketplace is important for success. There are many ways to set a law firm apart from the competition, and one of the best is by offering superior services. Legal service providers should utilize the most advanced tools to make their clients happy, including legal billing software. Keep on reading and let’s talk about the many ways the latter can help.

1. Capture Billable Time

With a law practice management software like Rocket Matter, which also functions as legal billing software, it will be easier to record billables. Gone were the days when lawyers have to record their time manually. It offers the perfect platform to track tasks and record them instantly. It will make the billables less prone to error.

2. Tax Calculations

Law firms, like other businesses, are legally obliged to pay taxes. However, taxation is not an easy process. The rates and the terms will differ depending on given circumstances, such as the business structure and location. To easily compute the taxes that a firm owes, legal billing software can automatically compute the taxes that you need to settle.

3. Bill in Batches

Do you have to bill the same client several times? You don’t need to exert a lot of effort and time to do this. Legal billing software has a functionality that will allow the program to process invoices in bulk. This is a good time-saving feature.

4. Third-Party Integration

Depending on legal billing software that you will choose, most of the options have the capability for third-party integration. This means that you can connect it to programs like QuickBooks Online, which will make it easier to manage the finances of the organization.

5. Accept Online Payment

To deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, it is important for law firms to make the transactions convenient for the clients. One of the best ways to do this is to accept online payments, such as through using credit and debit cards. This is quicker compared to traditional payments.

6. Customize Invoices

Using legal billing also allows users to customize the invoices depending on the requirements of the clients. Whether it is a logo, color, or font, among other elements, you will have the chance to personalize the invoices to reflect the firm’s branding.

7. Comprehensive Reporting

Using legal billing software also helps firms to have a snapshot of their financial performance. It can generate user-friendly reports that will inform decision-makers about how the firm is doing from a financial standpoint.

From capturing time to customizing invoices, legal billing software can do a lot for a law firm. If you want to enjoy these things, check out Rocket Matter and demo their legal billing softwaretoday. The company can also provide tech training to users as shown in the infographic below.

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