How Are User Experience Based Websites Best Suited For SEO?

UX based site experience is something people are shifting to. For many people, it does not matter how the site looks, what the colours are, and how the design is, as much as matters the experience with the site, which depends on the site operability, features, communication, ease of access etc. So many things are done for the SEO of a site. Link building, content planning and developing, social media marketing, branding and so much. Yet if the site operability is under question, and if the site fails to give users the best experience then things would still not click. You won’t get the desired business and results from the site if the user is not satisfied with the site user experience. That is why more and more sites are being built these days with better user experience orientation. They are called UX based sites.

Relation of SEO with UX

UX based sites, or rather the site design, would not directly impact ranking. In fact, if your ranking gets impacted, then it’s because of SEO. But the role of a good design is in helping visitors better understand your site, comfortable for using, and also a good source of needed information.

Why SEO experts are keen on user experience

The whole field of presenting sites before users are revolving around user experience. Even Google and other search engines are also doing the same thing. They are all trying to give results which would satisfy the user and personalise results and pages for them. This trend of giving user-friendly search results which search engines are following, triggers users to feel pampered everywhere they go. That is why users are getting search results that are as per their preferences, would expect a site to be like that too, and definitely would prefer a site which has content, functions and design as per their preference. This is the ideal user experience one would look from a site, which the site developer must look into and SEO experts must understand the importance of.

Analyse a site which has some of the best connections with other authority sites in the domain, and also has links to the .edu sites, and has a nice ranking on google, and its content is also getting showed on Google rich snippets. The site literally is on the peak of its SEO success and is almost an authority now. Still, if users do not find the site operations easy and comfortable, looks and searches for links and things frantically in it, and gets disappointed, then will they stay on the site for long, or use it again? Possibly a big no. That’s because users love handy easy to use tools and things. They would not waste their time on something time taking, difficult to understand and use, and ambiguous overall. This is why the sooner SEOs understand, the better they can guide their clients. That is why trusted and reliable SEO Agency Melbourne would tell their clients to get a site designed as per UX first. Also, SEO agencies help fix problems ina site as per UX and help modify many issues, so that the site gets better in UX.

How can you make your website user-friendly?

  • Consider voice search while doing SEO. When you are talking to your SEO expert, tell them that you want your site to be included in voice-based search results. Nowadays users avoid typing long sentences or phrases. Many surf the net on the go while doing some activity when hands are engaged mostly. In all such cases, users perform vice searches which are easy and faster. That is why the site must be properly optimised against all important keywords and long tail keywords for the voice searches.
  • Introduce chatbots or chat windows where user queries would be attended. Users love to get attended all the time whenever they wish attention. They love to feel guided. They may ask a thing or two if they get the option of a chat window. Let the person on the other side be a real person or a bot. It doesn’t matter as long as the chat window comes into help of the user and solves the query.
  • The site design must be such that extreme use of colours, design, graphics, videos and pictures etc. does not slow down the site. Some sites rank so well, and yet area huge disappointment because of some script or video running on the site by default, thereby slowing down the loading of the contents too much. They not just are a pain for the user for slow loading, but also consumes too much CPU and slows down the computer or phone. Hence avoid such things ina site.
  • The user must be able to locate important links, menus, functions and information on the site, without having to search for it in ten places. Easy to locate functions and features are a must to make the site a good user-friendly one.

What if your website is not UX based?

If your website is not offering the best user experience, and if your SEO expert is concerned about making certain site modifications to enhance its utility and user-friendliness, then you must cooperate. You must try to fix all such issues which are lagging the site, making parts of the menu and features confusing, and fix content that is too long or too short. Too long and boring content also is a problem, and too short content also looks disappointing and seems to lack information. Hence, you must get such issues corrected.


If your site is still developing then concentrate on its user experience based design. In case the site is an old one, get things fixed prior to starting SEO on it. SEO will work its best on a site if the site is good for users and designed in the most user-friendly way. You can try Google’s AI-based automated analytics to get a deeper insight into how the ideal site should be made in your niche.

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