Facebook Provides a Special Feature as a Respect for Paris’ Incident

As we know, some days ago there was a bad incident that was happened at the capital city of France, Paris. There is the terror attack that is made more than 150 people is died and no one knows who will be taking the responsibilities on this terror attack. Besides that, this attack is also making the other impact where now Paris is more gripping and many people are lived in fear. Because of this incident, now all the people from all over the world are really in sorrow and show the great respect and solidarity for the victims in Paris. This respect is also coming from a big social media application, Facebook.

Facebook, as a famous social media with the biggest users is launched the “check in” feature. This feature is can be used by the users to know the condition of their relatives in Paris in relation with the terror attacks that was happened in that capital city of France. The “Paris Terror Attack” check in feature is providing the signs for the users to share their condition while they are in a danger or in a save condition.

facebook “check in” feature paris attacks

You can use this feature with only the simple step. You can quickly search and call your relatives in those areas and write in the message “Facebook safety check” then you can ask the other users to tag if they knew they knew the people on their friend list is safe or in a good condition. With many facebook users, this feature is will be so helpful. You can also become a part of the people to give the information if you had the important information about the condition of the people in Paris.

Besides joining this action by giving all the information that you know, you can also share about this new feature from Facebook to your friends. If there were more people that are using this feature, so there will be better information that we can get.

Actually, this is not the first feature that is launched by Facebook. This feature was ever launched when there was an earthquake disaster that happened at Nepal. In that time, many people were having a great solidarity and contribution to share about all the news and condition that they know in Facebook. This information is can be important information especially for them who has the relative in Nepal.

This feature is as the respect from Facebook to show the respect for the country that is encountering a problem, disasters or the other sorrow incident. Facebook is hoping that with this feature many people or users that use facebook can help each other and sharing the important information is maybe can be the first gate to show our respect.

Basically, terror attack is something that we should against. It is not having any relationship with any religion, because all the religions are never taught to hurt anybody. With this special feature that is launched by facebook, now we can show our respect by giving even a little information if we had it to the people that need the information.

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