5 Ways to Use Art to Boost Employee Productivity

The arts have been long recognized for their power to relieve stress, heal, encourage creative thinking and much more. If you are a small business owner and you think your team is feeling down, art may be the answer to boost their morale and productivity. Investing in fine art may provide your employees the mental break from routine and clear their mind of the suffocating demands that are a part of their daily tasks at work.

It is essential to know that art is much more than aesthetic. Quality art has the ability to impact the brain positively. As fine and performing arts have been used in health care programs for alleviating symptoms of numerous physical and mental diseases, you can use art to improve your employees’ focus and productivity at work. Hiring a local art dealer to bring more art into your work place is the right way to start improving the well-being of your own team,and the entire organization. Here are five simple ways to integrate different forms of art into the workplace.

Include Music

If you have a small budget and don’t want to invest in fine art paintings, you can install a music system for the lunchroom or a conference room. Create a playlist based n the music preference of your team. It is crucial to choose a selection that will appeal to your entire team. By having a music system, your employees will be able to enjoy some music during their workday or lunch hour. Listening to music will help them relax and refresh.

Plant a Small Garden Outdoors

If you have the funds, hire a landscape expert to create a little Zen garden for your team. You should also consult employees for some ideas. Make sure you add tables, chairs, and benches there so people can enjoy their lunch, coffee breaks and similar.

If you don’t have any outdoor space, you can transform a patio or the lunchroom into an indoor garden. All you need to do is to add plants, potted trees, and flowers. Adding a fountain or a sculpture will also significantly contribute toward creating a calmer, and inspiring atmosphere at work.

Create an Art Gallery

Talk with a local gallery owner or a local fine art dealer to help you select paintings, sculptures,photography and other art you could display. If you don’t have the budget to buy paintings from a gallery, hire local artists, and students. You could even ask your employees to contribute. Your aim should be to create a less sterile environment and create a warm atmosphere that will spark conversation between team members.

Take Your Team to See a LivePerformance

Once a month, instead of holding a brainstorming meeting, take your team to see a play or a dance. Make sure you announce your plans earlier so everyone can attend. Even if some team members complain that they can’t afford the time away from the office, they will appreciate the break and come back refreshed.

Hold a Meeting Off-Site

Hold a meeting at an exciting and inspiring place such as a local museum, art gallery or garden. This meeting should be short, so you could enjoy the venue after it’s finished. The off-site setting will reduce stress and anxiety, and encourage people to participate more.

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