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RVs can provide individuals and families with various enjoyable and adventurous experiences. That said, said assets could be damaged or even stolen by unscrupulous individuals if not properly attended to. Therefore, adequate RV storage and security often prove crucial to preventing such untoward events from happening.

 Current and future RV owners are encouraged to read on to learn why investigating in a security system is important, the features to look for in said systems, and several of the top-rated networks.

RV Overview

 Many people have heard the abbreviation RV mentioned numerous times, but fewer individuals truly know what those two letters stand for. RV is short for Recreational Vehicle. There are several types of RVs, including campers, caravans, and motorhomes. In many instances, owners employ these specialized vehicles to travel long distances or engage in camping activities. Certain subjects might even opt to reside in an RV on a full-time basis.

Reasons To Invest In RV Storage And Security System

 Recreational vehicles are often considered prime real estate for malfeasant individuals like thieves. Said property might be equipped with advanced gadgetry, in addition to various personal property, money, and other miscellaneous but potentially valuable materials. Therefore, owners are cautioned to exercise significant vigilance when employing safeguarding measures.

 Unscrupulous subjects might access an RV using multiple methods. The most conventional way is breaking into a poorly secured parked vehicle. That said, certain brazen criminals could latch on to said crafts when they are in motion and proceed to carry out malfeasant acts.

Important Security Considerations

 Properly securing an RV requires meeting several challenges, including:

 The Capacity To Operate Without Technical Assistance

 Most home security systems require a phone line or internet connection to function and, above all, communicate with security providers and authorities when some type of untoward event occurs.

 This leaves the owner of the craft with two choices. First, said individual could spend additional funds to install a phone line or a suitable wifi system. Should such options not prove feasible, craft holders must find a system capable of operating without the assistance of a phone line or internet connection.

 Protection On Two Counts

 Optimal RV security systems must be capable of offering safeguards on multiple counts. Reputable security systems will adequately secure both the vehicle and its contents from being stolen.

 Access To Assistance When Necessary

 RV users often spend significant amounts of time in transit. Therefore, said individuals need to rely on a system equipped to quickly and effectively communicate during emergencies.

Highly Rated RV Security Systems

 Fortunately, several companies produce security networks made, especially for recreational vehicles. Some of the most highly-rated systems include:


 Networks built by this company are comprised of a central base monitoring unit, a built-in siren and a battery designed to power the system when the vehicle is not in motion. Additionally, said system possesses the capacity to work in conjunction with numerous security monitoring apparatuses like motion sensors, glass breakage detectors, window and door sensors, and panic buttons.

 SimpliSafe networks do not require a phone or internet connection. That said, the battery only lasts anywhere from eight to 12 hours, and users cannot receive self-monitoring updates like text messages and emails.


 Tattletale networks are highlighted by a base unit equipped with military-grade technology known as HALO. This enables the base unit to communicate with other pertinent system components like motion detectors from up to 300 feet away without requiring wired connections.

 The only discernible downfall industry insiders find with the Tattletale system is battery operation. The built-in batteries can only keep the system charged for 20 hours. This is not a favourable option for RV owners who spend significant time camping.

Security Cameras

 Security experts opine that RV owners might consider installing security cameras designed to monitor activity within the craft visually. The equipment most equipped to execute these tasks is battery-powered compatible with 4G or LTE technology that enables owners to submit recorded videos to the cloud.

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