New Car Technology to Support Your Convenience Drive

Alongside with the development of car models, the technologies which are implemented in the cars are developed as well. The trends of car technology which hit the market these days emphasize on types of technology which help to connect cars and occupants in safer and smoother way. The new technologies which are introduced to the market do not only to increase the safety but also to guarantee the comfortable feeling during the drive. Besides, it does not only aim to be used to enhance the car performance but also to help both the drivers and passenger as well. These are a couple of technologies which become hot topic in automobile market these days.

High-beam technology

The high-beam technology is one of car technology which happens to be popular nowadays. The high-beam controller comes in new versions which can works automatically so that it helps the driver a lot. Different car get different development related to this technology. Lexus car for instance, the high-beam controller can illuminate and dim automatically in order to show traffic which approaches the car. It is also complemented with mounted camera which is located in the rearview to recognize when the car is heading to approaching traffic. Another car such as Mercedes –Benz comes with more advanced technology associated with high-beam. It develops an Adaptive HighBeam Assist which does not only change from low into high but also react by directly increasing or decreasing the distribution of light according to how close the traffic from the car. This technology also allows the high-beam to dim whenever it meets the sharp turn and disengage the high-beam if it does not meet any upcoming traffic after the driver finishes the turn.

Parental control

The car technology which is beneficial and become one of the trends is the one related to parental control. Parents who are worried about their teens which drive the car nowadays can take benefit of technology which allows them to monitor their teen while driving. This technology commonly includes the integration of smartphone as a monitor for parents. Besides, through this technology parent can restrict their teen to do something that may endanger them while driving such as listening music with high volume or driving with full speed. This kind of technology is developed in a number of cars including Ford car which is called MyKey. Besides giving limiting the driving speed and adjusting the volume of audio, this technology also can sound an alarm when seatbelts are worn less fastened.

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