Automating the customer service process

Managers often wonder about automating the customer service process. Those providing goods and services receive hundreds of customer queries on a daily basis which cannot always be answered quickly due to staff constraints.

To improve customer service quality a few or sometimes even a dozen or so people would have to be employed. Today, the minimum cost of employing a single worker stands at approximately 3 thousand zlotys. For a large company it is not difficult to see how much quality customer service would cost. Working hours are another issue – customer service departments usually work between 7 am and 6 pm. Not to mention annual leave or sick leave. What would happen then if a customer would need assistance out of those hours, or perhaps would want to make a purchase or simply ask for an invoice?

Unlike customer service employees a bot works 24/7, quickly responds to queries by providing product, service and general information or by sending out invoices. Well, let’s imagine the application of chatbots at a commercial business, where they take on some of the responsibilities.

Such a bot may be programmed to respond on the basis of a customer asking about a product or it may be responsible for a booking system which is a popular solution for showrooms, doctors surgeries, cosmetic salons or businesses delivering courses and training sessions – well, it would be suitable wherever a bookings system is necessary. To that end it is possible to integrate a bot with the bookings management system software.

A bot may be used to estimate costs or the time of a given service to be delivered and also to receive an order for such a service.

Let’s not forget that today recipients are becoming immune to the vast numbers of advertising materials sent via e-mail, most of which in any case end up in spam folders. And a chatbot may help here as well. It will successfully replace the traditional newsletter and provide personalised information about special offers and services. This means that end users only receive selected content of interest to them.

Therefore, when implementing chatbot services it would be optimal to reach for the services of a business which will be able to professionally analyse needs and select optimal solutions within this scope.

Depending on the given company’s profile, these could be chatbots which handle the purchasing, complaints, payments or marketing process, which perform consultancy, recruitment, analytical or information functions (a customer may be automatically made aware of a new blog entry) and even acquire new recipients in a less mundane manner by using humour and game elements so attractive to the young generation.

Therefore, when planning the use of a chatbot at your company, lists with questions should be made in order to define requirements, preferences and actual needs as accurately as possible. Answers to those questions will help us to create a bot profiled for and geared towards the needs of customers of a given store.


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