Artificial Intelligence To Shopping

Artificial intelligence is no longer confined to science fiction films: it is everywhere and already today simplifies life, even if we often do not realize it.

It is found in virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Now, Cortana or Amazon Echo. In videogames AI algorithms allow characters, environments, stories to evolve according to the player’s behavior, creating new and unpredictable situations.

As we can read in many technology magazines, like, a lot of online services today use automated systems to manage customer support chats. These applications, called chatbots, are based on advanced artificial intelligence systems that can understand what the customer is asking them, what their problem is and provide the most appropriate answer.

And again, the recommendation systems learn our tastes and advise us. Who uses them? Virtually everyone: Netflix to recommend movies; Spotify to alert you to music; even Facebook: the algorithm that chooses which posts to show us is based on experience and is based on an AI engine.

But now the AI also lands in stores. Walmart has a new service available on the Walmart App through which each customer, by answering a few simple questions, can find the perfect product for their needs. The service is initially available for 5 product categories of great appeal: Smatphones, Tablets, Notebooks, Audio, Cleaning and Gaming.

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