Business Matters: Bankruptcy Attorneys And How To Choose One

Companies and business owners alike are fearful of an imminent bankruptcy. The idea of losing everything and possibly not being able to start over, strikes fear in every entrepreneur’s heart. The physical, emotional, and financial sorrow it brings sometimes become too much for an aspiring business owner.

Due to unreasonable fees, some people feel that hiring a bankruptcy attorney only gives more damage. Regardless of what people think about counseling and financial advice, getting help from professionals can become very beneficial. In fact, lawyers can provide more options to owners when bankruptcy eventually comes.

Bankruptcy Attorneys are often the beneficiaries of a failing economy. Entrepreneurs who hire them, do not have the adequate knowledge of the processes and barely have enough time to research on everything.

With a growing need and pressure mounting, clients often choose foolishly. They base their preferences on the wrong criteria such as pricing, advertisements, or even worse, no criteria at all. People tend to realize that choosing the best lawyer can make a difference between a chance to start over or a total failure of business.

Here are the things you need to keep watch when choosing your bankruptcy lawyer:


Attorney’s fee

People sometimes consider the attorney’s fee being the key element in hiring one. The price range of a bankruptcy lawyer can be $1000 to $3000. It’s important to consider that one has to get the quality of the payment.

For some lawyers, Chapter 7, liquidation, or personal reorganization cases have standard flat fees. Costs should include consultation and analysis, preparation of petitions, and attendance meetings with known creditors. People should keep in mind that for every bankruptcy case, there should be standard computations of the things that are in need of discussion.



Lawyers are considered to be good sources of advice when it comes to bankruptcy. Theoretically, It is safe to assume that any attorney can handle bankruptcy cases. This fact, however, should not be used as a parameter by clients, to know how good a lawyer is in bankruptcy cases.

The length and experience of a lawyer should also not become a basis for hiring one. Clients should be sure to choose a lawyer that is an expert in bankruptcy laws. Print ads often present the illusion of a lawyer being an expert at several specialties. Most of the time, these attorneys are often considered general practitioners and mislead people in hiring them because of the supposed expertise.


Comfortable Working Relationship

Distinct criteria that people often overlook is how they are comfortable working with a lawyer. Even if an attorney is qualified and fits the bill, when a client and their attorney don’t work together, it becomes a disaster for the customer.

Filing bankruptcy is considered an emotional matter for most people and working with someone who adds to that stress is not going to do any help. Choose a lawyer that is an expert and at the same time, a good companion.



Although bankruptcy is a sign that all things may come to an end, it can also be a chance for things to turn around. Choosing the right lawyer despite numerous issues like unreasonable professional fees and level of expertise can guide entrepreneurs to a much more comfortable way of approaching bankruptcy.

Physically, emotionally, and financially stressing, clients should choose the right attorneys for a good job. Several qualities such as expertise, ease of work relationship and the basic attorney’s fee can all help a client in choosing the best.


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Marcus Ellsworth is a writer who is very knowledgeable in the field of law and business analytics. He also has a deep interest in bankruptcy cases. In his free time, Marcus likes to write and share about his readings with his readers. Marcus is currently living in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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