Tips to increase your form filling rate

When you ask a web owner about his forms section, you may receive an answer that it is not performing appropriately. The problem here is that people focus more on how to create forms than what forms to create.

Both the aspects require equal attention from your side and you need to be cautious about the purpose of the form. While there are tools like Magento Web Forms by MightyForms to help you with the design, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

Here, we will give you some pro tips to increase the conversion rate of your forms.

Placing form above fold

Most of the individuals think that it would be better to keep the form at the end. While others tend to put it right at the start. However, if you want to get the best results, you should keep it just above the fold.

At the start, the engagement of a person is not that high and in the end, it is declining gradually. However, when you think of the fold, it is where your traffic will be engaged the most.

Thus, keeping the form here can be seriously helpful in captivating the audience and getting them to fill out the fields. According to the stats, this is where the form conversion rate becomes highest.

Never miss call to action

When gathering information, you might not worry a lot about the call to action. Here, the focus of the individuals is on getting more and more data from the form filler.

However, if a person is engaged and is acting as you wish him or her to act, why not benefit from it as much as possible? Well, it can happen easily by adding a call to action. 

An engaging call to action is highly helpful in making your form more effective. Come up with a strong catchphrase, a good call to action, and get the individual to do as you desire.

Privacy policy matters

First of all, write a good privacy policy for your digital platforms. Make sure to clearly state each and every single detail in it.

If you want people to fill the forms and are looking to encourage more response, add a link to your privacy policy in the form.

Make sure that you add a link to your privacy policy page and get the confidence of the person on the fact that all of this data will be kept private.

Even a single line on privacy policy such as ‘100% private, we will never share this information, we will never spam you’ encourage people and give them confidence. 

Split testing

If possible, create more than a single form. Experiment with the layout and details and see where you get the best response.

First of all, identify the purpose of your form and then come up with ideas about how the form can be. If necessary, get help from the templates that you can find in Magento web forms and see how you can structure different forms.

Then, integrate the two in your website on different places and instances and see which one is performing better. This way, you will have an idea of what kind of forms attract more attention and what details people are likely to give out.

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