How to get your first 1000 Instagram followers in 30 days

Nowadays almost everyone who has a smartphone is active in at least one social network. Instagram is one of them and is growing and gaining popularity rapidly. If you are new to Instagram and want to take your follower counts to the stars, you need to know it’s not an easy task. There are a great deal of accounts and people would not follow one easily unless it has something interesting and unique for them. Also, if you are not a great brand, most of them are not even aware that you exist. You need to share interesting and high quality contents and also make your posts go viral to get the attention of Instagram users whether through Instagram ad or story or constant presence and interaction with other users with Instagram botand other automation tools. 

No matter if you have a personal account or you are managing a great company’s Instagram page, having 1000 quality followers is more effective than having 10000 fake or inactive followers. What about pages with millions of followers like Justin Bieber’s page; you might be disappointed seeing them; but calm down! These are exceptions. Every account on Instagram started with zero follower, zero post and zero engagement. Follow the steps bellow to get your first 1000 Instagram followers in 30 days.

1. Create a high quality Instagram profile

Firstly, you need to make a perfect profile by filling all the information. Let’s start by username. If you want people to remember your page and recommend it to other people, you need to have a proper username. Basically, when your business is a personal one, using your name as the username is a good idea. Otherwise, choose a brand name defining your brand’s identity. For both cases, choose a simple and memorable username. 

Also, you’ll need to take your profile’s name into consideration. We don’t suggest using your username as your profile’s name as different username and profile name make the chance of appearing in searches double. The best practice is to use a keyword that is both searchable and representative of your brand.

The second step which needs significant amount of attention is your profile Bio. Our suggestion is to write two lines in the bio. Write the first one about yourself, and what you do and write a call-to-action sentence about the link of your profile in the second line. Additionally, to make it easy for your followers to contact you, write your contact info and address after the link in the bio. 

2. Share quality posts before engaging with Instagram users

Well, how you are going to have 1000 Instagram followers in less than 30 days without having high-quality post? Actually, it is better to have 10 posts in your profile before starting to gain new followers!

First of all, make sure to create high-quality contents. By content, we mean both visual content and text content. Create high quality photo or video in line with the main theme and subject of your profile and write interesting captions knowing your potential followers’ interest. Besides content, use Instagram features like hashtag and geotag to make it easier to appear in the searches.While many underestimate the power of hashtags, you need to choose them carefully in order to find the right kind of followers. Use the name of your brand, your own name, your business niche, your products and whatever you think your audience may search. 

3. Promote your page in other social media platforms

In the world of technology, you’ll need to reach your target audience through every possible channel. To name a few, you can share your Instagram account’s link on Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and every other social network where your potential audience may be active in. You can simply do it by pasting your account’s link in the mentioned platforms. Furthermore, on WhatsApp, you even don’t need to paste the link. If you have WhatsApp installed, tap the three dots on top of your public post, you’ll see “Share on Whatsapp” on Android or, “Share to Whatsapp” on iOS.

Also don’t miss Facebook. Actually, these two platforms are somehow alike as Instagram is owned by Facebook. You’d better connect these two powerful social networks to create a more positive effect. Why? To give your Facebook fans the choice to follow you in Instagram as well. Also, now you have a “two-hit” advertising channel that makes your posts and products twice visible to your fans. So connecting your Instagram to the Facebook finally builds brand awareness, increases customer reach, and creates sales leads.

But how you should link your Instagram to your Facebook account. First of all, make sure you are admin of the Facebook account that you want to link your Instagram page to. In order to connect these two accounts, click on the three dots in your Instagram profile. Click “settings”, then click “Linked Accounts” and select “Facebook”. Then, enter your Facebook login info.

4. Define your target audience

Now that you have almost everything ready for your audience, start inviting them. To do so, define your niche and specify your potential audience. Then, find Instagram pages in your niche. Now, start following and engaging with their followers. It’s a mistake that most of Instagram accounts do not follow their followers back. You need to engage with them to get their attention and trust. Interaction is a two-way road in Instagram; follow them and like their photos that have been posted in the last two days. Additionally, comment on their posts. It may be a little time-consuming but, it is definitely worth trying. When you like and comment on their posts, they would come back to your page and if they find it interesting, engage with your posts and consequently, your engagement rate will increase, resulting in appearing of your posts in the feed of your followers and even other Instagram users’ explore page.

If you don’t have enough time to spend engaging with other users, our recommendation is to use automation tools like Instamber .

Instamber would follow other users, send them direct messages, and like and comment their posts automatically. It is a great way to gain loyal followers if you share quality contents constantly!  

5. Define your posting strategy

It is important that you give your followers a clear vision of what you are going to share with them. Pick certain times of day and prepare your posts beforehand. You can find the right time by keeping track of peak hours of likes coming to your posts. Get you account’s data from Instagram analytic tools to find the best time for your brand and use post schedulers if you cannot be active on the right time. Also, you should have a strategy for your contents as well. Don’t jump from one topic to another. For example, pick a topic and center your content around it for one week; for the next week, choose another topic.

To sum it up, although getting your first followers in Instagram is not that easy, you can fulfill this task by following the steps we mentioned in this article. Instagram is a powerful social media capable of putting you or your business in the spotlight for the right audience. There are lots of people getting more and more followers every day and becoming more popular; start your Instagram journey today. 

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