What’s better: Truck Accessories From A Dealership Or An Independent Shop?

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When it comes to buying accessories for your truck, you may question whether it is wise to buy from an independent shop or a certified dealership. Dealerships have new, factory-fresh parts that are made specifically for your truck. You know you are working with a professional when you walk into a dealership. You also know that you are covered by their warranties. However, you will also find there are many more advantages to working with independent shops.

Keeping Cost Low

One of the top reasons you may want to buy from an independent shop is cost. Truck accessories are far less expensive when you buy them from independent shops. Dealerships have high overheads and commissions that cause you to have to pay more. Independent shops rarely have to meet such pricey needs. They also have more options. Independent shops carry multiple brands, old and new models of different accessories and refurbished parts. You may pay one-tenth of the price for a refurbished item at a locally-owned shop than you would for the same item at a dealership.

If you have your truck accessories installed at the shop, you have yet another opportunity to save. Dealerships charge some of the highest possible rates for repairs and maintenance. Independent shops, if they have mechanics on-site, can charge you far less for the exact same skills and labor. In addition, independent shops usually hire general mechanics with wide-ranging skills. They are able to work on a variety of issues with many different types of trucks. Mechanics who work for dealerships are often highly skilled, but the bulk of their training is only with the manufacturer of the vehicles sold by the dealership.

Customer Service

 Another reason to prefer independent shops is customer service. Smaller, local businesses thrive on offering the best in customer service to their clients. They are able to provide you with a personal shopping experience because they care more about satisfied clients than getting as many people through the door as quickly as possible.

 Customer service is vital when it comes to installs. If you have chosen to have a new truck bed liner or cover, talking directly with a mechanic can answer any questions you may have. At dealerships, you rarely get to meet the installer face-to-face. You are more likely to work with office staff to schedule everything from purchase to installation. While these people may be nice and very capable, they also may not have all of the information you want. Independent shops usually give you easy access to the mechanic before you even make a purchase.

Marketing for both independent shops and dealerships is vastly different too. Dealerships might have more money to invest in SEO and online marketing compared to independent stores. But that doesn’t mean that you should dismiss independent stores. Research into both is essential to spot the differences in services.


 Independent shops have the ability to work with you in ways that a dealership cannot. Dealerships often have to follow rules and guidelines set up by the manufacturer. They may not have much wiggle-room when it comes to installing, products or pricing. Independent shops are able to give you the individualized service you need.

When to Visit a Dealership

 There may be times that you prefer to visit dealerships. If you need a product right away and your local independent shop doesn’t have the item in stock, the dealership might be able to help you more quickly. You may also choose a dealership if you are in need of purchase or installation after regular office hours. It is worthwhile to talk to the independent shop first, if possible, but knowing a dealership is nearby may come in handy.

Bottom Line

 An independent shop is almost always the right choice when it comes to buying parts and accessories for your truck. These shops are focused on your needs, offer lower prices, have a wider inventory and have more flexibility to work with you. Search for a shop that specializes in truck accessories and you, your truck and your bank account will be very happy.

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