Technology always comes with pros and cons. Video conferencing systems could be the only technology that has more pros and minimum cons. It is the most loved and adapted technology so far. And people around the globe are connected through it. Some of its benefits are:

It is more engaging

It is a universal fact that you understand more with the combined senses of hearing and sight. People also tend to multitask in audio chats and hence do not pay full attention. Even if they try to, it is most probable that they will zone out and won’t apprehend what is said. In video conferencing, you have to maintain an eye-contact and that keeps you engaged, also the understanding is enhanced because it is a two-way communication and requires a proper response.

It is efficient

Engagement is efficient. It is less hectic and people can understand whether what they are saying is clear to you or not. In audio chats, facial expressions are not available and thus the speaker does not realize where he has left you.

It saves you a lot of money

Video conferences have saved us a lot of time and money. Live video sessions have replaced symposiums, gatherings, and certification, course classes. You do not have to spend money on traveling to attend any of these when your virtual presence can do the deed for you. Live video conferences are being adopted in all the countries of the world.

Higher education institutes have begun online classes to help students worldwide. It is one of the huge benefits of video conferencing systems.

Enhanced productivity

Audio chats, emails, and texts do not contribute to productivity as much as video conferences do. You can all sit together and talk through a tricky question or a quirky situation. It also saves your time, develops team-work and improves communication.

Apart from professional services, it is a great alternative to a get-together. If you are missing your friends and cannot meet them because they live too far, you are now just one conference away from them. And they can interact with you as if you are together. Artificial intelligence has now made everything easier for human beings, and you can maximize the interaction between you and your mates.


Online attendance systems are also good for improving attendance but they are not as good as video conferences. On video conferences, everyone’s presence is seen and noticed. It is a great tool for professors to check who is present and who is not. And it alarms the students that they have to be attentive.

Employee retention

One of the most burdensome tasks as an organization is to balance the work and personal life balance of your employees. Visual conferences have made it easy and secure for employees to work in a balanced way. Video conferencing systems offer many other fringe benefits like competitive advantage, ease, and comfort of communication, etc. The entire world is now at a glance away from you and all this has been possible because of video conferencing systems.

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