Smart tips for using electrical tapes

Electrical tape has multiple uses. If you are someone who implements the DIY (Do It Yourself) tactics, this tape needs to be handy for you. From preventing your pipes from getting frozen to repairing the damages in electrical wires, this tape has many uses. 

Also, there are times when you shouldn’t make use of this tape at all. However, on other occasions, you need to know the way to use it correctly. To know more about this, you can get in touch with It is essential to use electrical tape correctly. Few essential tips can help you:

  1. Refrain from using the tape for wire nut replacement

Are you trying to wire the junction boxes and light switches? If yes, it’s better not to resort to the electrical tape as the permanent connection insulator. It is because the electrical current which passes through the bare copper wire on such connection, generates heat and that can degrade the tape. Typically, the electrical tapes don’t get fashioned for such an application. There are a few types which can withstand the heat, but the wire nuts are less costly.

  • Make use of a small cord or wire damage

You can make use of electrical tape, with a 33+ rating for repairing wire and minor cord damage. You should think twice before using it on the frays and cracks that expose the bare wire. If there’s a cord with a nicked or cracked external sheath and intact inner insulation, you can opt-in for the electrical tape as a secure option. Also, don’t ever cover the electrical tape wire with a cloth, flammable material or rug.

  • Avert covering with an insulation

Are you using electrical tape for offering heat insulation for the water pipes during winter? If yes, you shouldn’t cover the tape with insulation. It is especially essential when the electrical heat tape insulates the hot ducts. The electrical tape gets ample warm when it is covered with flammable insulation. Else, it might become a fire hassle.

  • Avert from buying any electrical tape in the surplus stores

Even when you have access to the best electrical tape brands, you will find them working best for five years, at best. When a surplus store, puts the electrical tape on sale, make sure that you think before you make an impulsive buy. It’s because you wouldn’t know how old an electric tap on sale is and whether it is worth the purchase.

Usually, an old electric tape isn’t something trustworthy and can often be very dangerous. Daily hardware and home enhancement stores can sell electrical tapes in higher quantities, instead of a surplus store. They receive new shipments frequently. Hence, the tape from any of these stores is safe to use.

  • Make sure you are paying the correct price

Sometimes, electrical tapes are priced more because people seem to be in the urgency of buying one or many. They want to have electrical tapes in their house, to use in case of any emergency. However, you should ensure you aren’t overpaying.

These are some of the essential tips that you need to consider when you are purchasing and electrical tapes. It will help you to use the product correctly and not get into any trouble.

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