8 Pre-Workout Notions to Super-Charge Your Day

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Just like any other goals, we may set for ourselves, life seems to have a pesky little way of getting in the way and throwing us off track even when we have the best of intentions. The same is no different for our workouts and our fitness goals. We can have the best intentions to leave work and/or school every day and get a good workout in. Or go home and make a healthy dinner, then go to the gym and work on our fitness goals, but the truth is life happens and it is easier to make excuses at the end of the day, not to workout than it is to wake up and get a workout in at the very start of your day.

Studies have found that not only does working out in the morning make us more likely to stick to our fitness goals, but it actually hypes us up and gets us ready for whatever type of day may be in store for us ahead. There are several medical and University studies that have been done to show that waking up early in the morning and working out first thing can make the rest of our day more productive, below are the ways how!

1.) It prepares your mind and body for success

When you wake up and workout in the mornings, it helps get your blood flowing, mind waking up, and mind focused on the day ahead. Working toward a physical goal and crushing it gets you excited and energized to crush the goals you set for yourself during the rest of your day. It may be a presentation at work, errands to get done in a million different places, or otherwise; crushing a workout goal will focus your mind to crush the rest of your day’s goals!

2.) Pre-workout Food Intake

Drinking a pre workout drink can help get your body physically ready for the day ahead. Not only will pre-workout drinks help wake your body up and get your muscles and blood working the way they need too to get your workout done, but it will leave you feeling energized and focused for the rest of your day ahead.

3.) Do a yoga sequence

Many people think that yoga is designed just for people that are trying to achieve flexibility or a toned core. While yoga certainly is a great workout that helps you improve on yourself physically, it is also a great way to help you improve mentally. Yoga will allow you to focus your mind, settle your breathing, and prepare yourself mentally to achieve all you need to do and more for the entire day.

4.) Don’t try to do it all alone

Whether you are working out in the gym or trying to pump yourself up for the workday ahead, having a companion to encourage you and keep you on track is incredibly important to keep you on track and focused through an entire day so your goals are met.

5.) Eat a breakfast that will keep you full

Eating a healthy breakfast will not just keep you physically fit and healthy, but it will keep you full and focused and fueled up for your day ahead. The kind of breakfast you eat will be a big deciding factor as to whether or not you can push through a gruelling physical workout, and whether or not you will have the energy to get through the rest of your day with steady energy without crashing.

6.) Working out in the morning makes you more self-disciplined

It is so easy to hear your alarm go off and hit the snooze button, rollover, and soak in the last few minutes of warmth under the sheets. It takes an incredibly strong and disciplined person to wake up in the morning, no matter how tired and put in a workout. This type of discipline translates into other parts of your life making you more disciplined at work and home so you get things done and crush every goal and obstacle you come across.

7.) You will have more energy all-day

The energy that comes from an early morning workout will stay with you all day. Those morning workouts keep you from experiencing the afternoon slump that other people experience throughout the day so you don’t rely on that can of caffeine to get you through the day.

8.) It will keep you less stressed at work

Work and other parts of your life get stressful, it just does. Things come up and you hit obstacles, and it can be easy to deal with that stress in unhealthy ways. People who work out in the morning actually report that they feel mentally and physically stronger and more capable of taking on difficult tasks without getting overcome by stress. You will feel more empowered and overall better about life in general throughout your day when you get your morning workout in.

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