The Advantages of Downtown Living

When choosing where you are going to live and buy real estate, there are countless factors you need to take into account. From the price to the amenities you can expect, to the neighborhood and many more.

We asked the experts at Neuman & Neuman San Diego Real Estate Agents to tell us more about the advantages of living downtown in a big city like San Diego. Here’s what they suggested.

Driving Needs Are Reduced

One of the most exhausting things living in the suburbs is driving into the city proper every day for work. What’s more, when you account the cost of gas and the traffic jams which inexorably form when everyone from the suburbs tries to get to the city proper at the same time and return at the same time, there is a clear advantage of living downtown.

Even though living downtown might be more expensive, the cost may be offset when you calculate in the cost of gas and maintaining a car. Living downtown, you can afford to walk or cycle for most of your needs. What’s more, chances are that public transport is a good option for you.

A Variety of Amenities Available

Downtown apartment buildings tend to be full of amenities which you don’t expect to find in suburban apartment complexes and especially in house-oriented neighborhoods.

Things like a communal pool for all apartment owners and a laundry room inside the apartment complex are quite common, but you may also expect to find a concierge service or something similar.

Proximity to Many Sources of Entertainment and Culture

This is a point which is typically reserved for young people, as they are considered more keen on spending their time and money on entertainment such as nightlife, movies, and similar.

And there’s no going around the fact that the best and most sought-after entertainment venues are located in city centers. So, if you are looking to be closer to night clubs and similar places, living downtown is something you should consider.

Smaller Living Places

Suburban homes have been growing bigger and bigger over the decades. Nowadays, suburban houses have at least 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with many more homes being even bigger and more elaborate.

The urban sprawl, better dubbed suburban sprawl means that our living places sprawl over a large area with a lot of the space being left unused, or used as lawns or something similar.

On the other hand, condos in the downtown areas tend to be limited by existing infrastructure and are usually smaller and more functional, especially for younger people with no children or smaller families.

The View

Perhaps one of the biggest draw for younger people is the view they can expect from their new condo in the heart of the city. The skyline can be quite spectacular, especially in taller buildings and especially at night.

Suburban homes can’t rely on this selling point, seeing how they are surrounded by other houses. However, that might appeal to you. Seeing many similar houses lined up in neat lines resonates well particularly with people who grew up in a similar suburban setting.

Noise Levels

Suburban homes tend to boast a peaceful and quiet setting as a major selling point. If that is what you are looking for, a suburban home could be the right choice for you. Just make sure your new home is not too close to an interstate or some other busy road.

Inversely, downtown condos for sale often have busy streets really close, as well as quite busy nightlife which might cause some noise problems, but people who opt to live in cities are typically people who welcome this kind of lively environment.

When choosing your new home, consider your lifestyle and whether you expect it to change any time soon. Buying a new house or a condo is usually a long term investment, so you should make sure you have covered all of your bases when making the choice.

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