QacQoc GN30H USB C HUB Reviews

Computer, gadgets, and other supporting devices cannot be separated from our today’s lifestyle, indeed. Those tools are not only for us to complete our works, they are important for entertainment and obtaining information as well. The easy example is when we need to use the internet connection. Sometimes, we even need to connect one device to another to ease our works more. Rather than bringing the laptop all day long when it is not really needed, it is more practical to save our files in the flashdisk. So, all we need to do is plug in the flashdisk to our computer or laptop and then send the data. Then, it means that the flashdisk is what we need to carry. Unfortunately, the matter of connecting one device often becomes a problem when the ports available are limited. Mainly, it is when we need to connect many devices at once. The solution is of course by providing additional ports.

Unfortunately, choosing a kind of additional ports for USB or adapters are not that easy. Many of customers even complain that the ports cannot be used properly. For this matter, you may need to choose this one; QacQoc GN30H USB C HUB. Why is it recommended? Here is the explanation.


· Design

QacQoc GN30H was made from aluminum with simple and compact design. The dimensions are only 1.92×4.4×0.46 inches with metallic white color that makes it look more fashionable. The use of aluminum here enables the ports to be more durable and not easily damaged. Many of multi-port adapters are packaged in plastic anyway. This material is not resistant toward heat sometimes as well as it can be simply cracked when hit or beaten. Interestingly, although it is simple, compact, and light, it is able to accommodate many kinds of connectors not only USB. Other functions are to connect the Type-C Pass through Charging on PD, Ethernet, SD, and Micro Card Reader.

· Compatibility

The power voltage identified is between 14.5V and 20V for charging. So, make sure that your laptop has such voltage before connecting it to the adapter. Unfortunately, the types of devices to be compatible with this adapter are limiter. It is basically compatible for any device except for Asus Zenbook3, Asus Transformer 3 Pro, and Samsung TabPro S. Known as a multifunctional Type C adapter, it accommodates you to deal with some kinds of connectors including 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, HDMI Output, 1 SD Card Slot, and TF Card Slot. In other words, it is necessary for any accessories.

· HD Video

Have you ever thought that the adapter you use will influence the performance of your file? It is probably not. But QacQoc GN30H makes this possible. Thanks to the application of HDMI@4K 30HZ Video Output Port that is functioned to mirror the laptop’s display on any HDMI-supported devices. This feature creates higher definition and larger view of your pictures and videos. This is important mainly if you intend to share your ideas, present your works, and even stream movies from your laptop to the bigger device like Smart TV or LCD Projector. The quality of video and other files presented will be clearer and more detailed.

· Fast Data Transfer

QacQoc GN30H lets you access any file from other memory devices for free. More than that, the speed to transfer the data from one device to another is ultimately fast and stable. It is due to the application of 1000M Ethernet port that makes the transferring process is without any barrier. The connection is also stable without you have to worry about losing connection. It is because this series from QacQoc uses the newest line access plug. No matter the movement or shock experienced by the adapter, it will not be lost contact at all.

· No Heat

There is something to worry about when we use a device made from metal; it is about the heat. Heat tends to damage the device as well as decrease the performance. So, how is about QacQoc GN30H which is made from aluminum? Is that easily hot? Fortunately, it is not for the improvement in heat radiating system to avoid overheating.

Pros and Cons

There are surely several matters considered as the pros and cons of using QacQoc GN30H as your adapter. Here they are.

Pros: multifunction not only to connect and transfer but also to charge the device, able to improve the quality of video and image files, free access, stable and fast data transfer, no overheating.

Cons: it is not compatible to charge Asus Zenbook3, Asus Transformer 3Pro, and Samsung TabPro S.

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