How to Share the Real Time Location on Google+

At the past time, to share the real location on Google+ the social media users can use the Google Latitude feature. However, some days ago Google was already closed this feature. Fortunately, Google is not fully closed this sharing facility but move this feature on the Google+. The aim of why Google did this is maybe to make this sharing location is more integrated with Google+ as the social network.

The Location sharing facility is the location sharing facility between one users to the other user so they can see each of their position in the real time. Google is differentiating this sharing feature into two kinds based on the accuracy. They are the “Pinpoint Location” and “City Location”.

1. Pinpoint Location. In this feature, all the users that you are given the location sharing are be able to see your position with the highest accuracy (pinpoint). So, you have to be carefull in order to choose the users that you will give the location sharing.

2. City Location. Here, the users that you are given the location sharing can be only seeing your position up to only the City level. This feature is perfect to be used for you who want to share with the business relatives or the other people.

These both features are the theory. Now we will explain about the instruction about how to do the location sharing on your Google+. For doing this, you can follow these steps:

  • On your Android Gadget, Click the all application option and then search and run the Google setting. After that, choose the location menu.
  • On the Google location setting, make sure that the access location checked and the location reporting is on.
  • After those steps, you can now start to set the sharing location by running the Google+ on your android. Click the menu that is placed on the upper right side or swipe from left to the right of your screen.
  • Then choose the Location sub menu.
  • On this Location Setting, you can decide all the users that you can choose to get the location sharing from you. For the best thing, you have to communicate with the users first so you will be able to see the other user’s location as well.
  • Make sure your Location sharing is on. For sharing your location into the pinpoint level, you can choose the edit button that is located on the right side of the pinpoint location. For the city level, you can click the Choose people to share with below the City Location. You can directly choose the users and the circle based on your like.
  • If everything was run smoothly, now you are be able to see you friends location and your friends are also can see your position.

For the added information, make sure that the GPS and the data connection or the WiFi is always on. It is because the position accuracy is really depended on the GPS. If the GPS was not worked well, your position is maybe not right or not actual.

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