Essential Guidelines for Moving to a New Country

The decision to relocate to a new country is one filled with excitement and at the same time fraught with a little difficulty. How well you plan for your trip goes a long way in determining the success or otherwise of your adventure.

Whatever your reasons for relocating – starting a new career, study, or whether you are just seeking pastures anew – you’ll discover that you have a great deal of planning to do. The logistics of migration are a little tedious, and it’s not unusual to get swamped by the process.

Thus, we’ve put together this guide to help you make your journey as seamless as possible.

Know your Host country

All countries are unique, with set rules and ways of doing things. Even if you’re migrating between nations with similar history and ideals such as Australia and New Zealand, you’ll discover that some things work differently from the way you’re used to.

Countries have rules governing items that travellers can bring into their shores. If you plan on bringing your stuff, ensure you become familiar with the laws of your host country, so you don’t get into trouble with law enforcement.

You can obtain all information regarding permitted items at your host country’s embassy along with other important information concerning visas, passports and other relevant paperwork.

Set up your Finances

You don’t want to get cash-strapped in a foreign country. You must make adequate plans for your money. This includes obtaining a bank account, moving your funds and ordering your affairs, so you don’t go broke before you find your feet.

Banking procedures in Australia and New Zealand are similar, so the process is pretty straightforward if you’re moving between the two countries.

Consider the cost of living in your new country. You’ll be able to manage your finances better if you are aware of food prices, rent, mortgage, utility and other expenses you might have to make.

Arrange your Personal Effects

Whatever your reasons for travelling, it’s highly probable that you’d want to take along some of your property that holds sentimental value. The processes involved in moving between countries are a bit more complicated than those involved in travelling between cities or regions. You would expect a little more stress and complications when trying to move your stuff.

You don’t have to leave your things behind if you don’t want to. You can take away the burden of moving your stuff between countries by contracting a dependable international moving company. Companies like Ausmove Moving Company oversee the moving of your personal effects between countries freeing you to concentrate on other essential parts of your travel. Your personal effects will be moved to the host country on your behalf once you get the contract signed. If you want, these companies will also help you take care of the custom details when your belongings arrive. Visit to get more information on how you can employ the services of an international logistics company to make transporting your belongings hassle-free.

Get the Right Paperwork

It goes without saying that proper documentation is a crucial aspect to relocating to a new country. You will be unable to get into the country if you don’t have the right documentation. Thus, you should ensure beforehand – ideally, six months before you are due to travel – that all travel documents in your possession are valid.

Below are some required documents for relocation to a new country:

  • Travel passports
  • Medical, dental and vaccination records
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Birth and marriage certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of academic qualification
  • Employment records
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of job offer

Some countries might require you to obtain a travel visa relevant to your purpose of relocation. The Trans-Tasman agreement allows New Zealanders to apply to live, study or work in Australia without a visa provided they have no criminal background or transmittable disease. If you move to Australia from New Zealand, you will be required to upgrade your status before you are accorded the rights and privileges due full citizens and residents of Australia.

Wrap up All Last-Minute Plans

You won’t be coming back to your home country for a while, so it’s good you tie up loose ends. You don’t want to leave anything undone, so it’s necessary to conclude your last-minute plans. Sort out the stuff you will be leaving behind, deactivate your subscriptions and say your goodbyes.

If you don’t intend to return, you can consider gifting your remaining belongings to friends and loved ones. You could also sell them and use the raised funds to get some items in your new country. If you still have plans of returning home, arrange to store them safely or lend them to people you trust to keep them in good shape till you get back.

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