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What are the SEO tools I use? Google as the biggest search engine and mostly used has its own way to see the quality of website content. The most relevant contents will then be displayed as the results of search results. The system is indeed really complicated. This fact makes Google need to do updates continuously to meet the most proper algorithm system. Sometimes, this makes many of website owners find it so confusing. The change of systems means the change of the way they make their content. Something to be remembered is that the owners may rely on their websites as their main money source. Yes, the change of system can make their income drastically decrease as well. are you one of them? If yes, it means you need to use some tools to overcome this problem. The tools can be functioned to peep how Google sees the content quality of a website. What are they?

Google Webmaster Tools

Undeniably, there is nothing able to make us to see clearly the standard of quality applied by Google anyway for the exception by using a software tool by Google. One of them and the most recommended is Google Webmaster Tools. It is a kind of software that is quite easy to use. Aside from that, it simply and freely shows the outline of how Google process the display of search results. It is to know whether the content of a site is relevant enough with the keyword. By using this keyword, the users can analyze content by submitting the URL. It can be seen whether the content has fulfill the standard required by Google SEO or not. The users have a chance to use Fetch URL feature up to 500 times in a week.

SEO Report Card

It is a tool that helps you to compare a website with the others. more than that, if you gives information and contact, SEO Report Card will give you some other features. They are Rank Analysis, Link Building, On-Site Analysis, Website Accessibility, and many more. Rank Analysis is to show the rank of website in some search engines not only by Google but also Bing and Yahoo. The rank is determined by the keyword given just after you set it up. Next, Link Building is to show the websites that are able to give backlinks for your website. On-Site Analysis is to analyze the main keyword and how big the percentage of the keyword in website content. There is also Website Accessibility, a feature that is focused on the loading speed as well as the access feasibility.

Check My Links

This is a sort of functional tools to improve the SEO in certain content. A qualified content is assessed by Google through internal and external links available. The tool is then functioned to make sure whether the links included are still active or not. The active link is colored green while the inactive one is red.

Ranking Coach

You can raise your blog or website’s rank in Google by using this tool. Interestingly, Ranking Coach is also functioned as an online marketing tool which is really easy to use. There are indeed some tasks to be done on the Dashboard. You must not worry since the tasks are so easy. Without taking a long time, your website rank will be raised gradually as long as you consistently do the website optimization. Ranking Coach can be an analysis tool to monitor your website so that it can always be in a good rank. There are Interface and Ranking Coach tutorials available in some languages. There are more than 1,200 videos available to help you use it more properly.

Hubspot’s Website Grader

In 2007, Hubspot releases a tool to analyze the use as well as relevance of SEO for the entire website. This tool is namely Website Grader. This tool is also good to find opportunities to improve SEO on sites. Some years later, the newest version is released with some additional features. The features include more personal reporting system. The reports are made based on some key-metrics including the performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. Performance refers to the ability to analyze the size, speed, and so on of each page in the site. Mobile Readiness is to make sure that the website is mobile-friendly and accessible through gadgets like Smartphone or tablet. SEO is to analyze whether the website is easy to find by customers based on the title of content and others. Lastly, security is to make sure that the site already has a good security system.

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