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Have you ever wanted to add the “wow” factor to your photos either to highlight the best part, refine their appearance with filters, frames and colors or perhaps just to make them more self explanatory by adding text captions? I am glad to say that now everything is going to change as you lay your hands on any of these feature-rich photo editing apps. I use pinnacle studio by pinnacle systems when I edit my videos and photos in the computer, but what happens when I am out and need to send an image to a customer or friend. No matter how professional or how affordable – with all those pinnacle discount deals – a computer program can be, it cannot possibly offer the directness and “share-ability” of an application.

I understand that with the rate at which apps are being released in the market today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which actually does what it said it’d do. On that note, I went ahead of you to uncover these 3 top-notch photo editing apps that you sure want to have if you would love to have full control over your photos’ appearance and what message they convey. Here are the apps you need:


Streamzoo app

Streamzoo.com makes it easier, free and fun for people to create stunning photos on iOS, Android and on the Web. It combines great filters, borders, effects, easy sharing options, and hashtags to help you to better create and share beautiful photos.


Basic Features

Streamzoo app is more like a hybrid of the two best photo editing and sharing apps in the market; flickr and picplz. If you love the photo sharing capabilities of flickr and the amazing editing features of picplz, then you want an app that can give you all these features in one place without having to launch two different apps. Streamzoo comes with:

  • 22 filters including lomo, xprocess, animaze, sketch, masterpiece, sunshine and many others
  • 14 borders iclduing swerve, triptych, film, dusty, vignette and many more
  • 32 amazing customizable shapes you can add to your photos, and
  • 6 crop shapes

Additionally, you can also rotate your photos, flip it, and add rectangle, parallel, circle and ellipse tilt-shifts – all of which are adjustable. You can also edit hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness to suit your imagination. It also provides you an easy means of sharing your photos with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and on Flickr with the ability to add title and description which is perfect for photo-blogging.



  • Comes with lots of photo editing features including filters, effects and many more. The results you get with these edits are completely customizable.
  • Integration with multiple social media platforms. Users can share photos on facebook, twitter, tumblr, Google+ and twitter
  • Users can follow streams using hashtags
  • It comes with simple user interface – improving user experience
  • Its free, there is absolutely no catch


It may be a bit difficult to find streams to follow with the app


Users’ Feedback

With a dominant of 5 star ratings on independent review sites, previous users couldn’t stop recommending this app. Most users prefer Streamzoo because of the load of edit features it comes with and the fact that they are able to have a sort of interaction with other users. Here, you are not just presented with a filter, you have tens of different customizable features to bring your imagination to reality and truly make your photos what you want.

And with its integration with multiple social media, many users said this is the most complete photo editing app that comes with no price tag.



Cymera is one of the top notch camera replacement apps that can turn an ordinary Android user into a professional photographer in an instant. It comes with several amazing features such as the different shooting modes, camera lens types, editing tools and many others.


Basic Features

Cymera comes with an amazing camera features bearing up to 7 camera lenses – a design inspired by the increasing popularity of DSLR cameras. Additionally, users also get to enjoy several shooting modes such as the Out of Focus, Anti-Shake, Timer, Self-Portrait, Touch Shots and two other modes.

You can also turn your photos into a “wow” figure with several hand-picked filters and borders. They provide over 20 filters and 20+ borders with which you can give your photo a different feel and look. There are also several effects you can choose from, including Big Eyes, Smile, Slim Face, Clear Spots, Liquify, Brighten with many more options. The app comes with a face detection technology which tends to assist users in adding their effects to the right places so they don’t have to zoom in and out manually.

Love storytelling with photos? Cymera provides you the best collage options with amazing backgrounds and editing functions to give you an enhanced collage experience. You can also add decorations choosing from over 800 decoration options, and variety of brushes with different colors, patterns and shapes.

Cymera is integrated with multiple social media allowing users to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Mixi and Weibo. It also supports about six different languages making it easier to create stunning photos and have fun doing so.



  • Cymera comes with lots of photo shooting and editing features including different camera lenses, filters, effects, borders and decoration options.
  • Integration with multiple social platforms ensures users can share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Mixi and on Weibo.
  • It comes with a simple user interface, no bugs and no freezes!


It would really be nice if users can shoot and focus using the volume buttons on their device.


Users Feedback

Cymera is one of the cutting edge apps out there that doe not only allow users to share their photos with friends and followers across several social platforms, but gives them amazing photo editing features with several options and the ability to customize and adjust them to fit their needs. Users rated this app amongst the best, recommending it mostly for its wealth of editing features and simplicity. If you wanted to have full control over your photos with an app that doesn’t just give a filter and nothing more, many people have used Cymera and confirmed it is exactly what they wanted having tried countless of other apps out there.

Some of the words used to describe this app include “reliable and easy to use”, “best for photo editing”, “the best app for storytelling with photos”, etc… Now having gone through these, is Cymera worth your time? I’d say it sure does… Cymera is literally a bank of photo editing tools that I am sure you would want to explore.


BeFunky Editor

BeFunky is a photo editing app that leaves a lot of creative control with users while still making it easy for them to turn their snapshots into stunning images. It comes with useful effects and edits, and requires no registration or any other hidden catch to use.


Basic Features

BeFunky comes with over 29 effects with full control on how you want each effect to look and feel. The effects you get include Vintage, Pop Art, Grunge, Viewfinder, DuoTone, Toy Camera, Sketch, Tilt Shift, Instant, Old Photo, Cross Process, Cyanotype, Gritty HDR, Pinhole, Orton, and many others. Applied an effect and think you shouldn’t have done that? No worries! BeFunky makes it easy for you to add and undo effects… so you are completely in control.

Additionally, you can also crop your photos, straighten, rotate or sharpen them; plus other options that will allow you to control the contrast, brightness, hue and saturation. Want to make your photos more self explanatory? BeFunky also offers you a means to add text captions providing different font colors and backgrounds. You can also add frames choosing from Instant, Filmstrip, Halftone, Grunge, Classic frames and many others.

What is the need of having a photo if you don’t get to share them? With BeFunky app, you can save your photos to the BeFunky gallery, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and/or save them on your camera roll… Photos in the BeFunky gallery get points, so you can even have more fun by helping your favorite photos to become popular.



  • BeFunky comes with lots of edit tools including several filters, frames and effects
  • It is integrated with multiple social media
  • It has a simple user interface built to offer the best user experience
  • You can preview your changes before finalizing them


  • Application does not completely make use of Android‘s “back” button
  • A few effects are missing in the free version


Users Feedback

Many people have used and recommend BeFunky app. Its wealth of edit tools, usefulness, ease of use and the fact that it supports several social platforms makes it one of the best mobile photo editors. It received a dominant of 5 start ratings on independent review sites like Amazon and Google Play. Some of the features that users love this app for include its versatility and user friendliness. If you wanted a photo editor with super photo effects, then BeFunky could be worth a trial.

Now you have seen it all, the 3 top-notch photo editing apps to super-charge your photo edit and share experience. Don’t share another photo if you don’t have one of these apps in your device; you sure have nothing to lose by giving one of them a trial. Have fun!

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