How to Buy Cheap Cosplay Costumes To Save Your Wallet

Addams Cosplay Costume

Cosplay is kind of an expensive hobby actually, but it never means you can’t do cosplay at all without a great amount of money. There are some ways to do cosplay cheaper. If you want to know how to buy cheap cosplay costumes, just go through the passage or find them at

1.Knowing Some Cheap Cosplay Ideas Before Buying

Cosplay is an inseparable part of any comic-con and also one of the most creative ways to show fanaticism of certain things. Whether one is a mature cosplayer or just begin to do cosplay, here are some cheap cosplays ideas that will help cosplayers show themselves without killing the wallet, and you may want to know about these before you actually buy cheap cosplay costumes!

Wednesday Addams Cosplay Costume

Always wearing in all black, Wednesday Addams takes no more than 1 minutes to put together… If you are a cool girl, this whole black suit can easily bring out your special temperament while saving both your money and time. Don’t forget to braid your hair into two pigtails to achieve the full Addams effect.

What you need:

  • A black dress (A white collar attached will be better)
  • Black stockings
  • Black shoes 
  • Braided hair 

Tetris group Cosplay Costumes

Tetris can be said as one of the most classic games in the whole world. With all those colorful squares falling down faster and faster, your heart starts to beat fiercely. But how about trying Tetris cosplay costumes? These are funny and cheap cosplay costumes you barely saw. Dressed in this box must be so funny, especially when you got a partner by your side.

What you need:

  • Some square paper boxes 
  • Color paint
  • A scissors to cut a hole so you can stick out your arms
Tetris group Cosplay Costumes

Lara Croft costume

As the main character from the hot game Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is also famous for her hot body and perfect face. Her simple but sexy costume is what lots of girls want to have a try. Actually, her costume is super easy to copy, just a few items in your hands can make it happen. If you can actually DIY it, you can even save more money compared with buying cheap cosplay costumes.

What you need:

  • Grey vest and green pants 
  • A pair of brown leather boots 
  • Bow and arrow
  • A little bit dirt on your face and body
Lara Croft costume

What you need:

  • White open shirt 
  • Superman T-shirt
  • Regular business tie
  • Thick framed black glasses
  • Suit jacket 

Misty Cosplay Costume

Misty specializes mainly in Water-type Pokémon and aims to become a world-class trainer, and her well-trained Pokémon reflects her aspirations of becoming so. As time goes,  she gradually shows herself to be kind and sensible. Cosplaying like her will make you the most outstanding girl in the crowd, and it’s not hard to prepare for this cosplay at all.

What you need:

  • Short, orange wig( or you can dye it)
  • Yellow tank top with red suspenders
  • Blue denim shorts
  • Red sneakers

2. Choose to Buy Cosplay Costumes On Sale

Like all other commodities, cosplay costumes have its special season with great discount, and you should not ever let it go. Especially when Halloween just passed, the costumes’ price would come to the lowest of the year. Apart from this, just keep an eye to promotions of several cosplay costumes store, too. You can also collect some coupon websites to find yourself a good discount code when you want to buy cheap cosplay costumes from a website online.

3. Find a Cheap Reliable Cosplay Sites to Buy

If you are so lucky to find a cheap reliable cosplay site, then it will be so easy for you to buy cheap cosplay costumes at any time.  After comparing the current mainstream online shops, I suggest you buy on Xcoos. They provide great quality cosplay costumes at a really reasonable price. Browse the site and you will find yourself can totally dress up without emptying your bank account!

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