Newly Launched Smartwatch from Movado

Movado, the maker of a famous Museum Watch recently launched a modern smartwatch. The modern technology of watch is made with a little bit touch of classic design on the analog style. The project of the Movado’s Bold Motion watch is planned by Hewlett-Packard (HP). It is designed to be another competitor of the popular smartwatches of Samsung and Apple. Some uniqueness is given as the touches to make the timepiece more special; with more fashion centric design and classic analog design.

Movado’s Bold Motion behindThe manager of HP revealed that analog movement is the focus of the design as well as the essential features of Haptic and LEDs. While the world has been full of digital technologies, the analog design hopefully can bring a lot of value emotionally. The manager added that emotions are the first killer app for werables.

Unlike other smartwatches that show time through graphic interface screen, Movado’s Bold Motion shows the time through its analog component. However, the smartphone interactivities are fully delivered through the lighting and vibrations alerts.

The smartwatch is not computing device but the focuses are on providing notifications that come into the smartphone such as updates from social media, email, appointment, as well as warning about low battery. However, the low battery notification will be unnecessary since the smartwatch battery can last up to one week.


Movado’s Bold Motion smartwatch could also become a monitor of your activities such as steps tracking that is united to the Movado app. This smartwatch works with iOS 8 or above as well as Android KitKat 4.4 or above. The manager added that HP uses their own platform that combines cluod services, mobile app framework, contextual analytics, firmware, and kinds of hardware module.

It is actually the next fashionable and high-tech wearable of HP after the last year smartwatch as the collaboration product with Gilt Groupe and Michael Bastian. The smartwatch also provides analog watch design on the last year project.

The Movado’s Bold Motion is never called as a great timepiece taken from the Movado’s Museum Watch with high-tech inserted inside the watch. However, the design is pretty good, high quality and wisely designed. There are two color options of the smartwatch; they are stainless steel and black. For those who want to have a timepiece of Movado’s smartwatch, you can have it by spending about $695 for one watch.

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