Importance of Real estate CRM

There are multiple numbers of ways a CRM software specifically designed for Real estate industry can help your business to grow your Real estate business. Here are different ways that you can use your Real estate CRM software to create quality leads, convert your leads into customers.

Hub for storing contact information

As a realtor, you need to spend your productive time in finding new business and closing more sales. You don’t want to waste your time trying to find the misplaced phone numbers or remembering the past contact details.

With a Real estate CRM, you can store the name, mobile number, email ID, and all essential details of your past clients and prospects. Thus your CRM will act as a hub for storing your contact information.

Capture leads automatically

With the realtor CRM software, you can automatically capture the leads. A functional CRM will automatically capture the edges and transfer the points to the database. You’ll even receive a notification from the CRM once there is a new lead. You can assign the new points to sales reps. Automating lead capture helps you to communicate with your leads immediately.

Find out Lead scoring

Lead scoring is the method of assigning numerical values to the leads. This score helps your sales and marketing teams to prioritize the leads and respond to them accordingly.

Your CRM Software will give a score to each lead based on company information they have submitted to us, online behavior, and engagement. The lead scoring will help the sales reps to have better time management.

Segmenting Leads

Leads come from different sources. It may be from social media, emails, influences, etc. You should segment the leads into groups with similar needs or who are likely to have the same purchase behavior. Getting into the comfort zone of the customer is one of the critical strategies for business success. Try to contact them with their preferred media in their comfort language. A CRM platform will help you to do this easily. The storage in the CRM allows you to access the customer’s information from anywhere.


A report by AgilOne says that 79% of customers expect a personalized buying experience. If you are a customer, then you would also expect the company to treat you as a separate customer, not a general customer. If you own a CRM system, you can send personalized emails to your customers. CRM also has demographic information which helps to contact the right customer at the right time. Customer satisfaction is one of the main factors to increase conversion ratio.

Pay attention to the Data

You are investing your valuable time and effort into marketing; you need to measure the results as well. How many people are clicking on the email you send?

By looking at your email campaign reporting in the CRM, you’ll get an idea of who is engaging with you and which email template has a better engagement. It’s a better way to analyze how your marketing messages are being received.

Automate CRM Data collection

The real estate brokers need to build relationships with a client more than documenting. The average realtor spends more than six hours a week on data entry.

So, what can be the solution? The answer would be CRM data automation. Automating the data collection will free up real estate brokers and keeps the data accurate.

Maximize Past Client Relationships

Do you concentrate only on your new leads, not your past clients? Sixty-six percent of sellers found their agent through word of mouth referral from a known person. What steps are you taking to be at the top of their referral list?

With the help of CRM, you can set up drip campaigns with contents that your past clients love. This will help to maximize the relationship with the previous client and may increase your referral clients.

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