5 Tips to Choose Better CCTV Camera for Your Building

CCTV is one of the important parts of today’s security system applied in business or residential building. It gives a safer feeling and protection in case something dangerous happens. It acts as the proof collector and provider, which help the authority to conclude the criminal case that happened in or outside the building, faster. So, it’s important to choose the best CCTV for your building.

The easiest method to find the best one is using the brand, such as Dahua, Hikvision or Samsung CCTV Products. More importantly, you also need to consider several factors when you choose the CCTV product or system for your building.

Obvious or Discreet

You need to consider whether you want to use the discreet CCTV or the camera that easy to notice. There are advantages for each of these types. The discreet CCTV prevents any damage caused by someone to remove the ability to record the scene and cover their crime. In short, if someone wants to do something wrong, they won’t know that there is a camera that records their activity.

The obvious type also has its benefits. It can become something like a bold statement to those who want to do something in that area. By having it visible, in many cases, it also can prevent crime. So, you choose what type that your building and area, where you are going to install it, need.

Indoor or Outdoor

Many of CCTV camera products are compatible with indoor and outdoor usage. However, you may need to find and choose the specific type of camera for each location to maximize its performance. For example, you can use the camera for indoor and outdoor for the outside area of your building. However, compared to its durability to the CCTV camera that is specially designed for outdoor, especially against weather and cold or hot temperature, the specially-designed camera is a much better choice.

Analog or Network

Even though we use a digital system in almost every aspect of business and our activity, it doesn’t mean we can use this system for CCTV camera. You also need to consider the analog type, in case there is a problem with the network that cut down the recording session of the scene. Therefore, a combination of analog and network type CCTV camera is always a good decision.

We also can find many top brands that provide both types of those CCTV cameras, such as Dahua CCTV Camera. Dahua offers IP cameras for your CCTV network camera needs, as well as the standard analog camera in a different size, type, and features. They can be considered to be one of the big players in this industry. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about quality. You will always get the good one from them. Of course, you also need to consider and match the product with your need to make sure you get the benefits.

Area Coverage

Some of CCTV camera has a wide-angle lens that can cover or record a wider area. By installing one of these CCTV cameras, it would be enough to provide better surveillance in that area. However, we never said that this is the best choice. In the area where there are too many obstacles, such as plants, furniture and such, you may need to consider installing several CCTV cameras with smaller area coverage. It helps you to record the spot that is hard to see because of the obstacles. Moreover, it is also a lot cheaper.

Lighting Condition

The pre-requirement for a good-quality recording is a good lighting. Good lighting helps the CCTV camera to provide clear and detailed video. So, you need to consider the lighting condition in the area where you will use the CCTV camera. It doesn’t have to have good lighting condition. If the natural lighting condition in that area is poor, you can always count on the feature of the CCTV camera you use.

The night vision CCTV camera feature is one of the best additions you can choose. There is also a camera that has a heat sensor, so it can detect the movement of living creatures; in this case, people who want to harm you.


Once you considering all those factors, you can start to find the CCTV camera product that you need. Find a reliable and trusted store where you can buy Hikvision CCTVSecurity Systems or other products. It would be much better if they offer a satisfying installation and security monitoring service as well.

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