Editing Embraer’s Epic Journey: Fernanda Cardoso

Barbara Sassen and Fernanda Cardoso

Entertainment is quantified by emotional impact. This can be a poem, film, or multitude of other forms. Editor Fernanda Cardoso is a master of this. Though her work has won awards at Cannes and a number of other prestigious industry gatherings, you’ll find the same creative fingerprint on each of her projects. The video she edited for We Are Magnolias titled “Embraer 50 Years Journey of Wonder” is as moving and cinematic as any feature length drama. Directors Barbara Sassen and Nate Rabelo had been in production for over a year on the project and were eager to see it edited.

Cardoso’s continual praise within the Brazilian production industry as one of the most talented and recommended editors gave them reason to investigate her work and speak with her. The final version of “Embraer 50 Years Journey of Wonder” confirms their decision paid off with returning dividends. As the third largest producer in the world of civil aircraft, after Boeingand Airbus, Brazil’s Embraer is conscious of their image and discerning about how it is delivered. This multibillion dollar company wanted the best to tell their story in a grand but warm way; which they obtained with Fernanda Cardoso.

Barbara_Sassen, Fernanda_Cardoso and Nate_Rabelo

Emotional is the best word to describe the final version of this short for Embraer. It’s also the calling card of Cardoso. Known for a fluid style that provides an open space for the actors and music to cohabitate, her editing seems to focus on the little movements that mean so much rather than obvious plays at the grandiose. Fernanda credits her love for music (she previously had a promising career as a violinist) for imparting this aspect to her work. As with a musician, highlighting the strengths of an ensemble makes the final product more pleasing.

The first sequence of “Embraer 50 Years Journey of Wonder” displays two young boys playing outside; the filming of which was fraught with a number of weather and technical problems. Making a number of cuts, Cardoso assembled different parts of this footage into a dreamlike scene with no hint of issues. Connecting one of these young boys to the idea that he is the pilot in the following scene is completely intuitive for the viewer though in reality it’s an editing puzzle solved by the most skilled professional.

The most indicative factor in the successful outcome of any production is the relationship between director and editor. Directors Barbara Sassen and Nate Rabelo of “Embraer 50 Years Journey of Wonder” trusted Cardoso so implicitly that they made her the offer to present her own edit in addition to the one they instructed. The subsequent number of projects on which this trio has collaborated vets their trust in this editor.

When questioned concerning the most validating response for her, Fernanda reveals, “After the presentation, we heard that Ozires, the eighty-eight-year-old founder of Embraer, was deeply moved and touched by this spot. We presented his amazing journey; a man from the country side of Brazil who built the largest Brazilian aircraft company and brought his childhood dream to reality. I’m really proud of editing this spot and achieve the emotion that this story deserves…and really happy that we were able to do it while Ozires can appreciate it.”

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