How to Solve the “Page Error” Problem on Facebook

Recently, some of the facebook’s users are feeling confused because they cannot open the Facebook page because of the “Page Error” problem. The Home, Profile or the Notification page are cannot be opened because of this problem. It can be frustrated if we always faced this problem and we did not know how to solve it. There is just the header and the blank white page appearance although they were used the different browsers. However, the strange thing is that it can be opened if we opened the account in the different computer or we used the different account.

Facebook “Page Error”

So, what is the problem? Are there any wrong with the connection? The answer is a big No if you could still browse the other page. Actually, there is also no problem occur on your facebook. It is not blocked or even hacked by the other people. So, you have not to be worried because there is a solution to overcome this thing. Here are the tips of how to solve the “Page Error’ Problem on Facebook. You can practice these two simple tips if you had this Page Error problem.

1. Try to clean the history and cookies. The first step that you can do is cleaning the history or the cookies on your Facebook account. If you used the Mozilla, you can do this by click tools and then clear recent history. After that you can choose the Everything option in the time range to clear menu and at last click Clear now. Now you can try to enter on your Facebook account again. If you used the Chrome, you can press the Ctrl + Shoft + Del button on your keyboard. After that, you can follow the next instruction just like the steps on the Mozilla above.

2. Restarting the Browser. If the first step above was cannot work, you can try the other step by restarting the browser that you use. If you still had the same problem and it did not work, you can try to restart the computer. After restarting the browser or the computer, now you can try to enter on your Facebook account again.

3. There is a problem on the Facebook server center. Usually, you will solve the problem on the Facebook “Page Error” by doing the two steps above. However, if you were still faced the same problem after practicing the two steps above, so there is maybe a problem on the Facebook server center. How to solve this problem? There is no other solution except waiting until the problem is solved by Facebook. This problem on the main Facebook server is rarely happened. If it happened, it maybe will only take a little time for you to wait and get the Facebook solve the problem.

So, above are some tips that you can practice if you had the problem with “Page Error” on Facebook. Hopefully these tips are will be useful for you and give you the more convenience in using Facebook.

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