Joel Devidal, CEO of, Shares 10 Ways to Become a Better Leader as an Entrepreneur

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Building a thriving business as an entrepreneur is an aspiration for many. Those who hold entrepreneurship as a lifelong dream can increase their odds of entrepreneurial success by honing their leadership skills. Entrepreneurs that are seen as exceptional leaders tend to build more vibrant and profitable businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to stack the odds of success in your favor, the following are ten tips on how to become a better leader listed by successful businessman and CEO of, Joel Devidal:


  • Learn to praise those around you. From the employees on your payroll to the vendors who supply your goods, praising those in your network goes a long way towards building your reputation. Share compliments on an ongoing basis, and you’ll find others want to work with you and help your business grow.


  • Be thankful for the opportunities offered. Entrepreneurs who exude gratitude tend to win the admiration of those around them. If you expect good things to happen to you and don’t practice thankfulness on a regular basis, you’ll find others begin to resent your arrogance.


  • Examine your mistakes to learn life lessons and openly share your learned business lessons with others. Entrepreneurs who don’t hide from their mistakes and help others grow become admired for their honesty and willingness to share.


  • Lift others up in your entrepreneurial community if you want to become a better leader. Success shouldn’t just be about your business victories, but about those in your community winning too. Learn how to become a leader through mentorship, and you’ll be amazed at how your career will flourish because of your selfless attitude.


  • Make it your mission to improve your knowledge each day. Learn from leaders you respect and pay attention to how they grow their companies. Entrepreneurs immersing themselves in the wisdom of other business leaders tend to become stronger company builders in the process.


  • If you want to become a better leader as an entrepreneur, you must learn to balance your work life with your personal life. Entrepreneurs 100% focused on their careers burn out at a faster rate and can be less pleasant to be around. If you want others to respect and admire you as an entrepreneur, you have to be someone with whom they want to spend time.


  • Successful entrepreneurial leaders tend to be excellent planners. They set business and personal goals for themselves and actively take action to achieve their goals. Learn to become a better planner, and there’s a good chance you’ll become a more successful entrepreneur in the process.


  • Become a business leader who shares knowledge without expecting something in return. Strong entrepreneurial leaders enjoy helping others learn and don’t take a ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’ attitude towards mentoring others. Change your attitude towards helping others, and you’ll be impressed at how quickly others start thinking of you as a true leader.


  • Learn to enjoy the process of brainstorming ideas with your team. Accept their ideas, compliment them on their contributions, and make the brainstorming process a team-building exercise. Entrepreneurs who don’t share the glory and rule from a place of power aren’t enjoyable to be around and don’t build a reputation as a respected leader.


  • One of the best ways to become a better leader is to accept criticism for your shortcomings happily. It can be tough, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. You’ll be surprised at the insights you can learn about your character when you are willing to accept negative criticisms about your behavior. Understand why the negativity is getting directed at you and what the motivation is behind the criticism, but then see if you can adjust your behavior accordingly.


Learn how to integrate these ten ways to become a better leader as an entrepreneur into your business development efforts, and the odds are good you’ll be a more successful business builder as a result. It won’t happen overnight, and you may encounter challenges along the way, but your efforts will be worth the struggle. Making a concerted effort to becoming a stronger entrepreneurial leader is an endeavor that can pay dividends for years to come.



About Joel Devidal:

Joel Devidal is a bilingual entrepreneur with a knack for turning great ideas into successful businesses. Over the years, he has found investors for new ideas, generated profits, and oversaw the sale of various companies. Joel also uses his years of experience to serve as an advisor on marketing and strategy for other businesses.


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