Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft for Mobile Use

Technology is developed really rapidly and offers a bunch of simplicity. There are so many products of technology which we can find for easy and can give simplicity for us. Let’s say smartphone which offers a bunch of features for the users to make many things to be really easy. Then, the use of tablet PC, laptop, and many other gadgets can give us simplicity on doing many things. That is why nowadays we can easily find a lot of gadgets which offer a bunch of simplicity.

If you often use your mobile device as like your smart phone or even tablet PC to be a convertible laptop in such an instant way. That gives simplicity when you could not use your laptop and only find your tablet or smartphone, as like for dealing with the typing need, as like document editing, or others. Sure, you will need an additional Bluetooth keyboard which can give you simplicity on typing.

Size Affects the Performance

Still, sometimes some of us often get reluctant bringing the keyboard anywhere since many of them are in the big size and will take much of our storage space, as like in our bag. That is why now Microsoft released a Bluetooth keyboard which called as Universal Foldable Keyboard. The dimension of this keyboard is like the dimension of keyboard of an 11-inch-laptop. People can easily imagine how small it is actually, and what makes it more special is that it can be folding which means can save much of your space so that it is really mobile and easy to bring.


The dimension of Universal Foldable Keyboard is almost the same as the common 11-inch-laptop keyboard. For the exact dimension, it is about 29.5cmx12.5cm, and then when folded, it becomes 14.8cmx12.5×1.1cm. Then, on both of the tip of the keyboard, there is the magnet to lock the keyboard so that it would not get opened easily. That also becomes the sensor to turn on the keyboard automatically when it opens. It is not water resistant certified but this is resistant to splash and spilt of water. The arrangement of the keyboard buttons is the same as the common keyboard. There are six rows of buttons. On the top, there are also the volume and music button. Lock and Hone buttons can also be found there and helpful when it is used for iOS device.

The pairing process of this device is quite fast. Then, of course, another benefit is about the foldable feature which makes this keyboard flexible. The disadvantage is on using this folding keyboard, since there is a gap about a cm, it might feel a bit uncomfortable. A little bit adaptation might help the users to get the comfort on using this Universal Foldable Keyboard.

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