How to Get Your Lost or Forgotten Facebook Password Back

As we know, Facebook is one of the social media that has the most users than the other social media. Everyone is now having the Fecebook account because it is easy to register and the most important thing is the price is free. To log in to Facebook, a user should enter an email address and also a password. However, have you ever forget or lose your facebook password? This is became a problem that is usually happened in everyone. Some of the people with this problem are usually decided to make a new facebook account than fix the problem. Actually, there are some easy and simple steps that you can do to make your password back. Here are the tips.

1. Have you ever seen the “Forgot Your Password?” button? You can use this “Forgot Your Password” Button to solve this problem as the first step. In the front page of Facebook under the column to enter the ID and password, there is a menu of “forgot your password?” You can use and click this button to do the first step of Password reset.

2. After entering the other page, there will be a box that is asked the user for entering the email address or the telephone number that is used as information in the profile account. Write the right email address or the right telephone number to make sure that the next step will be not made any difficult for you.

3. The third step is there will be a new box with two choices that you can use to confirm of how the next password reset process will be. The first choice is you can use the email that is used as the primary facebook email and the second choice is use the other email that is used as the reference email or the non-primary email address.

4. The next step is after you choose one of two choices in the third step; you have to open the email address that is chosen to get the notification from Facebook. The e-mail address that is used is optional such as yahoo, gmail, and many more.

5. This is the last step. In the email address that is already opened, Facebook will describe and give a link for you the user so you are to be able to reset the old password and change the password into the new one. Now, you have a new password that can be used to open your facebook account.

Those are the easy tips and steps that can be practiced if you lost or forgot your Facebook Password. It is an easier and simpler way than to make a new facebook account. So that you will not lost your friends at facebook and add them one by one. You can practice this tips by using your PC or your mobile phone. The important thing is that make sure that you enter the right email address or telephone number to get the notification from Facebook.

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