Uncover The Secret of The Power Liftgate

Changyi gives you an insight into power tailgate

Have you ever experienced this situation? After shopping, it rained heavily, with mountains of beloved goods in your hands. You have to put them on the ground before you open the trunk, but this not only dirty goods, but also your own car trunk. This scene is really a nightmare for a neat freak. At this time, what you need the most is power liftgate.

Traditional Tailgate vs. Power Liftgate

Power liftgate also is called hands-free power liftgate. With the smart entry remote on you, you can open or close the power liftgate freely. Electric tailgate lift has always been the weapon of high-end autos, but in recent years, with the maturity of technology and the reduction of cost, it has been adopted by more and more common brands. At the same time, this also stimulates car fanatics’ enthusiasm to modify the car liftgate.

(Changyi Smart Electric Tailgate Lift)

In fact, the difference between power liftgate and the traditional tailgate is mainly in the driving mode and structural design. Also, the power liftgate is divided into single tailgate pole and double tailgate poles, whose design focuses are different to a large extent.

Driving Mode

The power liftgate is driven by an electric tailgate pole, which integrates motor and lifting mechanism. When power liftgate is required to rise, the motor works and drives the screw rod to rotate through transmission devices such as transmission gear and shaft coupling. At this time, the nut and sleeve move upward relative to the screw rod, and the tail door is pushed open. Similarly, when the motor is reversed, the nut and sleeve move downward, and the liftgate is closed.

(Changyi Power Liftgate Motor Structure)

The traditional tailgate is operated by the gas tailgate pole, and the structure of the gas tailgate pole is relatively simple. The cavity around the piston is filled with dozens of atmospheres of inert gas, and the piston has a through-hole, ensuring that the internal pressure of the two cavities is consistent. Since the stressed area on both sides of the piston is different, the gas tail gate pole always produces an outward thrust. This is why the traditional tailgate lift must be closed by force, and when opened, it bounces automatically.

Physical Design

Comparing the physical design, the most significant difference between power liftgate and traditional liftgate is the load. The maximum load output of the electric tailgate pole is above 3000N, while the gas pole is only around 1000N. This means that the tailgate pole, which connects the tailgate to the car body must be designed strong enough to resist deformation under heavy loads.

(Changyi SUV Power Liftgate)

Since the tailgate weight of SUV and Sedan is different, two kinds of classification appear SUV double tailgate pole and Sedan single tailgate pole. And the high-quality power liftgate motor, reducer, load-bearing spring, transmission screw, and other core components will have professional quality assurance. “So when you choose to modify the power liftgate, be sure to find the trusted brand.”, Mark said, the technical engineer of Changyi.

(Changyi Sedan Power Liftgate)


Because if you buy a substandard power liftgate, not durable is one of the problems, the most important is that the safety is not guaranteed. A qualified power liftgate will detect the obstacles through sensors when closing and the liftgate will move in the opposite direction, effectively preventing children from being trapped or vehicle from being damaged. On the contrary, unqualified electric tailgate lift is easy to cause accidents.

Power Liftgate Shinning Points

The power liftgate is one of the most complex parts of the whole car, which contains various technological applications: glass, collision beams, sound insulation, seals, loudspeaker, locks, sensors, etc.

(Changyi Smart Electric Tailgate Lift)


  1. Soft-close electric suction device

After closing the car door, the electric suction will adsorb the lock to reduce the intensity, and ensure the tailgate closed entirely at the same time.

  1. Controlled by the remote device

Convenient remote control help user open/close the liftgate easily, even their hands are busy.

  1. Smart avoid pinch

While the power tailgate is closing, once it touches the obstacle, it will bounce back automatically or stop immediately, avoiding to hurt the user.

  1. Memory function

The power liftgate can memorize the height, which is set by the user. The user can set the height by long press on the button, and next time, the rear door will stay at the default height automatically.

  1. Sound alarm

When close or open the hands-free liftgate, it will ring out to remind the driver.

  1. Foot-sensor function

Foot-sensor is one kind of smart trunk sensor system. Open/ close the trunk automatically by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of Doppler produced when the foot gets close and away from the sensor.

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