New Lens Replacement Technology For Cataract Patients

Cataract is considered an almost inevitable part of growing old and is a hereditary condition which involves clouding of the lenses as the person ages. In most cases, according to expert, if the patient is not treated on time, they could lead to blindness and hence should be tackled in the early stages. As the person ages, the lens in the eye becomes less flexible and absorbent and hence the amount of light entering the eyes is reduced. In the advanced stages of cataract, the vision has very less depth of field, becomes less colourful and more blurry before finally leading to blindness if not treated.

The main reason for cataract formation is due to aging, although it could occur as a result of diabetes and in some cases, people are born with congenital cataracts. For most who acquire it with age, the cataract slowly develops and worsens over the years until it requires surgery to correct it.

Although there are a lot of medicines and eye glasses (in a very affordable cost today due to framesdirect promo codes) that slow down or help with the growing problem, the only way to fully take care of it is through surgery. Cataract could affect one or both of the eyes and surgery is done separately, one eye at a time.

One of the biggest advancements in cataract eye surgery is the ORA system which provides assistance to the surgeon during the time of surgery by helping him make the best choice for intraocular lens power and for astigmatism correction. This technology makes used of Wavefront technology in order to analyze the many possible imperfections associated in the way light passes to the retina through the eye. The ORA can also tell if the eye is accurately in focus during the time of surgery and helps refocus if necessary. Although the doctors have admitted that this costs a few extra minutes, the precision acquired as a result of the process adds value to the surgical procedure.

The ORA system thus gives an added level of confirmation to the surgeon for an optimal outcome and also improves the quality of the vision as a result.

For cataract in the early stages, it only requires a better lens prescription or stronger glasses, may require the person to turn on brighter lights or the need for use of a magnifying glass. The glare can also be reduced by repositioning the streaming indoor lights or by wearing polarized sunglasses when going out. For the patients who are suffering from posterior sub capsular cataracts, the usage of dilating eye drops to keep the pupils large help allow more light to enter the eyes.

The surgery can always be delayed but only depending on the severity of the vision loss. If the vision keeps decreasing at an exponential rate, the only option to keep from going blind is by surgery since lenses and glasses only go so far to prolong the inevitable and do not reverse the process. The surgery needs to be consulted with to the surgeon for the person’s own safety and better quality of life.

The cataract procedure is quite simple and very common throughout the world. Once the surgeon is prepped and the focused on the eye that needs the lens replacement, he makes a tiny incision on the side of the cornea and removes the natural lens. Once done, the cataract lens is replaced by an artificial intraocular lens. Surgeons can use the ORA technology to check the results and the effectiveness of the artificial lens instead of waiting for weeks to see how the patient adjusts with them. The surgery does not have any complications in most cases and since the incision made is very small, stitches are usually not required and the eye heals quickly.

These implants are customized and designed to fit the person’s eye and can last for most than 100 years. Since the procedure only last for a few minutes, the patient does not feel much discomfort or pain and is discharged quickly. Although most of the patients show improved vision almost soon after the surgery, the sight for most continues to improve in the coming days and the person can return to his routine activities. If a person has cataract in both his eyes, then surgery for the weaker eye is usually recommended first and once that gets healed, the surgery for the other eye is carried out.

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