3 Great Ideas of Home-Based Typing Job for Single Moms

Home-based typing jobHome-based typing job

Are you a single mom and faced with the financial problems? It is true that single moms have heavier burdens than housewives do. Besides taking care of the children, they also have to maintain financial stability. Home-based typing job is one of the most popular opportunities that single moms can take for additional income. Such a job does not require the moms to go out and leave the children at home.

However, finding the right place to do the home-based typing job is not as easy as it sounds. Are you short of the alternatives? Here are some of them:

Transcription Jobs at Quickstate

Transcription job mostly involves typing audio versions of document. This is a simple home-based typing job for single moms, since no college degree is required for this. The audio Media may be lectures, podcasts, workshops, or conference calls. Where to find it?

Actually, some reputable agencies have been known for offering this job. Example is Quickstate. Quickstate hires part-timers to transcribe audio files and voice massages. Even though no college degree is necessary to take the job, the agency usually requires to taka a quiz to make sure that you are qualified for the job.

From Transcriber to Reviewer at Scribie

This agency provides you with different schemes and the payment is more interesting. Here, you do home-based typing job to transcribe audio files with a rate of about $10 per hour of audio. It also offers monthly bonuses, depending upon your performance. If you have satisfactory performance, you can level up to become a reviewer.

Data Entry at Dion Data Solutions

In data entry job, your income is usually determined by your typing speed. Dion Data Solutions works with data entry specialists, who have stable internet connection and computer at home. The advantage is that this agency offers free training for data entry.

Honestly, not all women can make it successfully. It must be noted that typing and writing are matters of hobby and personal interest. If you do love typing jobs, then you can try one of the options above.

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  1. Thanks for the genuine way to earn money online through typing data entry jobs. It helped me a lot while I was not able to leave home and stay with my children. Now I can take care of children and job. I’m very satisfied with it. Thanks a lot..

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