Will Window Tint Stick to Plexiglass?

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The basic window has certainly come a very long way. It used to be that your automobile’s windows were made of very fragile glass. To get around this, a lot of companies started to make thicker windows and treat different windows with different sorts of protective films. However, at the end of the day, it was still all the same old fragile glass. These days, however, you can find a lot of different compound glass varieties and even super clear Plexiglas as an option for your car windows. Stronger and basically safer due to the fact it doesn’t shatter, Plexiglas is becoming as popular in replacing glass as fibreglass is in replacing metal. Though what if you want to get some window tint? Is the tint actually going to stick to the Plexiglas?

 When you need thorough, complete answers straight from the professionals, it’s best to contact a location like Pro Window Tinting. You get the added benefit of perhaps having your windows tinted professionally while you’re there! However, we can still get you prepped with a bit of knowledge here so that you’ll know whether or not tint is a viable option for Plexiglas windows.

Yes, But the Process is Different

 Of course, tint film will stick to Plexiglas. The sticking isn’t the issue. It has an adhesive layer, and there are no sorts of compounds within or on the Plexiglas that would cause it not to stick. However, we’re not looking for something stuck to the window, like a band-aid to the skin. We’re looking for total and complete adhesion, without any wrinkles, air pockets or loose spots. So, in this context, will the tint adhere properly to Plexiglas just like a real glass window?

 Yes, it can, but the process for tinting a Plexiglas window is not the same at all. Therefore it stands to reason that you would allow the professionals to tint your windows for you if they’re made out of Plexiglas. They know precisely what to do to get the 3M material to adhere completely. It just pays to go with the pros and in numerous ways.

Reasons to Go Only with a Professional Shop

1: They’re Used to Different Window Types

 The professionals out there who tint windows for a living are used to all sorts of different window types and also all sorts of shapes and sizes. One of the hardest things to do when tinting a window in the DIY realm is to properly trim the tint so that it’s perfectly aligned with the window. This is the sort of thing at which the professionals excel, despite what type of window it may be.

2: They Know What’s Legal and What’s Not

 Another great reason to visit the pros is that they know the right level of tint to use. You might really think having blacked-out windows is cool, so you do this as a DIY project, and you like the results well enough. Before you know it, however, you’re being pulled over, and your car is impounded, the tint forcibly scraped off. Ensure you’re always within the law by allowing the pros to do it.

3: They Do Very Quick and Clean Work

 While you might be able to ultimately do a clean DIY job, with a ton of patience and a lot of trial and error, it will be anything but quick. The pros implement a system whereby they’re able to just prep the window and get the tint on there without having to take up much of your valuable time.

4: They Use the Best Possible Materials

 Another good reason to go with a qualified company is that they’re going to use the best materials in the business. Even if the tint job is initially excellent, it can peel and fade and pull away over time if it’s not the best material. The best pros use the best materials, like the 3M window tint, made of material that is quite literally military grade.

 No matter if you have Plexiglas windows or ordinary glass, it’s going to pay off in a big way to go with the best pro shop you can find near you.

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