5 Tips for replacing your social security card

Your Social Security Card is very important because it is the proof of your identity. This nine-digit number issued to all US citizens by the US government is not only for your identity, but it also allows you the right to work and it lets the government keep track of how long you have been working and how much you have earned while working.

You are going to need not only when applying for work, but also for other things like opening a bank account, getting a federal loan, applying for a passport, Medicare or some types of public assistance. It is very important that you make sure to keep your card in a safe place so that you will not be the victim of identity theft.

But if ever your Social Security Card is lost or damaged, you do not need to fret as it is now easier to get a replacement ss card. Just follow the tips below so that you can get your card replaced quickly.

  1. File a police report – if your card is lost or stolen, it’s important that you go to the police station and file a theft report. This will protect you in case there are any fraudulent activities done using your card. Do this as soon as you find out that you lost your card or even just your Social Security Number. That’s because identity thieves don’t need the physical card in order to commit fraud.
  2. Monitor your credit card for any suspicious activities – check to see if there are any suspicious activities done using your number. You can actually contact some credit-reporting agencies so that they can put out a fraud alert. The top three agencies you can call are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. You can keep renewing the fraud alert every 90 days until you are satisfied that no one can use your Social Security Number for fraud.
  3. Contact your local SSA office – next is you should contact your local Social Security Administration for more information on how to get a replacement card or number. You can ask for what documents you may need to present as they may differ depending on location.
  4. Follow the same steps when applying for a new card – more often than not, you will just need to fill out an application form again, much like when you were applying for the first time. If you are planning to change your name on your card you may need to present additional documents so make sure to inquire so that you will be ready.
  5. Make sure you have the necessary documents ready – in order to make the process smoother, make sure to have all the necessary documents so that you will be able to get a replacement card right away. There are instances when you might not even need to go to the office, you just need to mail the necessary application form and documents and after a week you will be able to get your replacement card.


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