5 Steps to Building Your First Online Sales Funnel

Are you new to online business? Are you having problems with marketing your own business? 

These problems can occur many times but there is a solution to this as well. As you are a young entrepreneur, you will need to learn the importance of marketing and how you can do marketing of your online business. 

We all assume that online marketing is a difficult job to do but the truth is if you understand your customers then it will be real piece of cake to sell your goods to your customers.

For this, we have put down some basic tips that will help you build your own online sales funnel and it will definitely improve your online marketing as well as making your goods sell at a much more profit than before. 

So, why sales funnel? Basically, sales funnel is the key to your success, but how is this little sale funnel can be your key to success? The answer to this question is in these 5 steps and you will love to learn as it will give you much more relevant ideas about marketing as well.

So, let us get down to business and tell you all about these amazing 5 steps that can make your business all high and well. 

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1. Create a great landing page

A landing page is like a ticket to your customer to jump on a bumpy ride of marketing and for you, it can be a start to increase your customer traffic. 

This is the first step to your success so you should have to take it very carefully. You will have to make your landing page so unique that it attracts customers because this will be your first impression in customer’s eye so, it should be unique and attractive. 

It will also encourage other visitors as well to avail subscription of your website or to sign up from some sort of the list. 

2. Present a front end offer

The next you have to take for your success is to give your customer an offer that they can not refuse whether it is an opportunity to buy your product or procure your services, it should be unique so the user could attract to it and try to reach out to you.

You should think it clearly of how you will put the offer infront of your customers and what benefits it will give you in the near future and will it be effective for your business and for increasing more customers or not. 

By giving them some discounted offers on some products and some limited offers that can last for a day or to can lure more customers than ever before but you will need to make them stay not only for the offer time but for a long time in the future.

3. Give an upsell offer on the backend

If you start giving some upsells to your customer, so it might lure some customers in and make them stay for a long time. 

Let me give an example that will make this easier to understand what I want to stay.

Consider that you are buying a car which is a simple car but the vendor is offering you some upgrades with a music player and some great woofer, that does not mean that the vendor will not take some additional money but the offer will be like the customer can not refuse. This is called upsell, that you are giving some more substances in a less amount but it is the thinking of customer that the item you are offering is giving benefits to them. However, the situation is vice versa, it is giving you more benefits than the user having in by buying the item.

4. Offer a downsize option

If you have accomplished your goal in upselling your business then you should learn how to downsize your products.

This does not mean that you will earn a loss in sales. It just you need to put some constraints on the customers budget, you will give them some cheaper offers as well but will give them after a some time, this will increase your customer’s trust in your products.

5. Keep it going

The last step you have to take to improve your market is to follow up your customers and make sure that they stay happy with your products and give them some entertainment after some while like after 6 months or 3 months of time so you do not lose sight of them.

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