The Question on Everyone’s Mind: Where to Live in Dubai?

There is absolutely no doubt about Dubai being the hub of not just the United Arab Emirates but also the financial and tourist hub of the world. With its growing economy and fast development it is attracting residents from all over the world: families, individuals, businessmen, workers and many other sorts of people. Many of these people want to look for suitable places to settle. Living does not just come arbitrarily to us. We make certain choices and certain decisions which form our lifestyle. These choices and this lifestyle is what affect our choices for choosing an area to live in too. Dubai provides you with the opportunity of choosing your place according to your lifestyle and taste. From living in the top most part of a skyscraper to having a private beach, you have all these options provided by Dubai. All you have to do is explore your options before coming to a decision.

Living in the Penthouses

In Dubai you have a number of penthouses to choose from. You can either pick a view which is concentrated on the downtown Dubai with the majestic Burj Khalifa or you can choose to have a view of the classical Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Sea. For the former, for instance you can choose to live in The Residence or the Index Tower Penthouse in the Dubai International Finance Centre. You will wake up to the nice majestic view of Burj Khalifa and see it in all its glory with the sun shining over it. Or, you can simply sleep to the lights of the Dubai Downtown. The contemporary architecture and the perfect finishing will add to your experience and your luxurious lifestyle. You will also get easy access to various landmarks such as downtown Dubai, Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. This will be perfect for people who love to stay in the city centers with all the hustle and bustle of life.

Living in the Dubai Hills

This is for those who prefer to live in a community with a peaceful environment. Having the famous Montgomery Golf Club next to you will enjoy the views of the peaceful and the green golf field. The villas in Dubai Hills are one of a kind. Their design comes in many choices you can pick from. You can choose to live in a contemporary house with the perfect architecture and the finishing touches. These villas may also come with a personal swimming pool and some thick green gardens which can also be set according to a theme. You will love to live in this community full of facilities and next to the best schools in Dubai.

Living in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah does not need to have an introduction. It is the world renowned man-made island which is no less than a heaven on earth! You can have a villa here or an apartment and have access to your private beach. You may also choose to reside in the villas in the hotel FIVE, a five star hotel. With this, you will have access to all the facilities of the hotel but will have your own house to live in! Imagine having access to all the spas, cuisines and many other luxury facilities all day long.

We hope we have made your journey of choosing a suitable place for yourself easier with some of these categories and their descriptions! We wish you a happy living in Dubai.

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