Top 5 Multiplayer Games to play on mobile

The genre of multiplayer games have come a long way, especially when one looks at the tiniest of the gaming platform which are mobile phones. With the graphical fidelity of these games surpassing the level of what once PS3 and Xbox 360 games proudly flaunted. Now such visuals and gameplay experience are available on the go on your dearest smartphones.

Whether you own a high end shiny device or a mid-range  phone, these  5 games are the best multiplayer experiences you’ll have when being a couch potato or when traversing the open roads:-

#1. Call of Duty mobile:-

Call of Duty is finally available on the mobile devices and it seems like a dream come true for the die- hard fans of this legendary video game series. Throwing you across some classic maps and modes from your favourite Call of Duty games, the mobile version of this phenomenal franchise is a head to head multiplayer experience which also features the players’ favourite Battle Royale mode. The best part of Call of Duty Mobile is that the game is a free-to-play experience that means you can binge play this game with your squad without any regrets.


If not for this game, The Battle Royale mode would have never become as big as a global phenomenon it is currently. Undoubtedly the father of Battle Royale experience, This well optimized free-to-play PC Port of the award winning game provides you a similar experience as that of its PC counterpart with the exception of whenever and wherever you want to play. PUBG mobile comes with all the maps of the PC version, classic 100 player mode, multiple arcade modes to make every chicken dinner a different and memorable experience.

#3. Injustice 2:-

Injustice 2 lets you experience and live your DC fantasy to its fullest. This free to play fighting game features all the fan favourite DC heroes and villains and let you play as whoever you like with friends or with AI. Injustice 2 also features a console level story mode that lets you experience these characters on a more personal level. A loot progression system, unique combo move-sets, multiple PVP modes means this is your ultimate DC experience.

#4. Mini Militia:-

The ultimate multiplayer experience, Mini Militia is an intense PVP multiplayer game featuring 6 player online play or 12 player local play. Featuring an immense verticality in its maps and a multitude of weapons including pistols, snipers, shotguns and flamethrowers, Mini Militia is an evergreen free-to-play multiplayer experience.

#5.Clash of Clans:-

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play MMO strategy and base building game where you build your own village, raise a clan and indulge in clan wars. Attacking other people will reward players with gold, elixir, and dark elixir when they can use to rebuild their defences and train their troops.

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