What are the Basic Elements of a Free Quit Claim Deed Form?

A Quitclaim Deed Form is the name given to a legal document in which the seller / owner releases the rights of ownership of a real estate property to the purchaser. In the absence of such a document, a person might be incapable of recording and proving property ownership. Know about some of the basic elements of afree quit claim deed form.


A Grantor is the present owner or seller of a property. The deed mentions the mailing address and name of the person or company that owns the property at present.


He is the purchaser or new owner of the property. The grantee could be a person or a corporation, and the new deed form should mention the mailing address and name of the same.

Legal Description

This refers to a description of the land in words that accurately identify a specific piece of real estate property.


The contract also mentions the total amount, or if anything at all, is being paid for the real estate property in question.


They are the people who watch the Grantee and the Grantor sign the quit claim deed template. Keep in mind that based on the laws prevailing in your state, no witness or up to two witnesses might be needed.


The term refers to the individual who prepares the deed, and the document should have his name and even mailing address as well.

Parcel Number

It is generally listed on the property tax statement, and refers to the number that is designated by the tax assessor.


A notary public is one who verifies the authenticity of the signatures. The document has to be notarized for the transfer of property in tax deed sales and divorce settlements as well as in other cases where property transfer might be needed. Forms.legal – A Legal documents website also helps to get free quit claim deed form for your need.

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