How to Unlock SIM card of Android Phone and Tablet

Having the control of what sim card you insert into your phone is very important. The reason is that you may need to change the sim card in your phone for a plethora of reasons.

For one, there is a possibility of travelling outside of your local environment. Many times, when such trips cross your borders, you may not have access to your network provider any longer. Even more, you could become tired of the offerings of a particular service provider and might want to try another one.

Ordinarily, switching Sims shouldn’t be a difficult task. However, some network providers utilize advanced software and technology to lock the sim cards on your phone. Some of the security locks also features, when you factory reset the device, then it got locked out with FRP. You can then use application for FRP bypass to remove that lock completely by using the required steps.

This is mostly for security reasons and theft but there are other reasons. This means, you might not be able to use other sim cards on that phone, which is quite frustrating. The good news, however, is, if you have reached this frustrating end, you should worry no more. We would teach you how to unlock sim card for both Android phones and tablets. Tag along.

How to unlock a locked SIM card?

There are two major ways you can unlock a SIM card for any Android phone or tablet. The first method, request the help of your service providers to help you unlock it. That comes as the safest way and we would advise you to take this route. However, we all know the bureaucracy involved and it might take a while.

And what’s more, they could outrightly deny your request! So what happens next? Well, this is where the second method comes into play. The second method is easier, quicker and can be done by anybody.

Let’s skim through both methods in quick detail.

How to Unlock SIM card by enlisting the Help of Your Service Providers

Okay, guys, this is not quite the easiest method to unblock your sim card. But as we have said earlier, it comes as the safest method out there. If you discover that your switched sim card is not recognized by your Samsung, HTC, Huawei or Sony Xperia (just to mention a few!) you should contact the network providers. They can easily fix the problem from their end.

Most service providers have information on how to find out if you are eligible and how to reach out to them. But take note that before reaching out to your network provider, you need your phone’s IMEI number handy. In most phones, you can find your IMEI number by dialing the code *#06# on your phone. If this method doesn’t work out for you, then you can find your IMEI number by following this pathway:

  • click on settings
  • About Phone
  • Status > IMEI

After that, you can now call the network provider and provide them with the IMEI number. If they find you eligible, they will send you a pin code with which you can unlock your phone. This will be done automatically as you insert your new sim card. Voila! You are ready to enjoy new possibilities.

Please remember, you can use this safe method to unlock the sim card of any Android phone. Be it Tablet, AT&T, Orange, T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, and Verizon, Virgin Mobile or any other network provider.

How To Unlock SIM card for Android Phone and Tablet Using a Verified and Trusted Unlocking Software

Even though the first method is more advisable, we understand that it is not always easy. Trying to get network service providers to help unlock your phone sim card might become a herculean task.

Owing to that reason, we include a second method that has been verified to be safe. Please do not Get on Google Play and start searching for apps to unlock your phone. You should know, many of these apps are dangerous. To save the day, we have gone through a few software, and we can recommend authentic the Android SIM Unlock apps. Here’s how to use it. For this Unlocking process you will need the following:

  • A Personal Computer
  • A USB Cable
  • The phone you want to unlock

If you have these, you can go ahead with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Search for Android Sim Unlocker and download from either Satanic or Cnet on your computer and install.
  • After installation, run the program and select “Android Sim Unlock” which can be accessed from the “More Tools” category displayed on the left sidebar.
  • Step 2: Connect Your Phone or Tablet to the computer.

Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone. After checking, connect your device to the computer and wait for it to be automatically detected. You would be required to click on “Next” to continue. Kindly do so and follow the other instructions.

  • Step 3: Boot Your Phone or Tablet into Service Mode.

After following the remaining instructions, you will receive a prompt asking you to boot your phone into service mode. Kindly do so by dialling one of the following codes; *#0808# or ##3424# or #9090#. Depending on the service, one of these should do the job and boot the phone into service mode. Please if these codes do not work on your phone; check the manufacturer’s website for a code that works. In service mode, please select DM+MODEM+ADB or UART[*] or CDMA MODEM option from the menu on your screen.

  • Step 4: Start the sim card unlocking process.

After selecting the options above, please initiate the unlocking process by clicking the option “unlock”. After this, your sim card unlocking will start and complete in a matter of minutes.

  • Step 5: Return Your Android Phone to its Original state.

You will need to restore your phone to its original functioning mode after the process is completed. To achieve this, you should click on restore mode in the program and dial any of *#0808# or ##3424# or #9090# on your phone. Then, you would need to select MTP+ADP or any of USB[*] or PDA to complete the restoration. The program will prompt you to click the “Next” option and your Android device will be restored to its normal state.

However, unlocking a rooted device with Android 5.0 or later operating systems is way easier. All you need to do is connect your phone to your system, initiate the Android Sim Unlocker App and click on the “unlock” option. Your Android phone sim card will be unlocked automatically. It is that easily!

We hope that this is helpful. You can ask further questions or let’s have your inputs in the comment section.

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