Hydraulics tools for Troubleshooting Any Hydraulic System

Hydraulics tools for Troubleshooting Any Hydraulic System

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They must be correctly positioned to create an efficient hydraulic system. The purpose of this article is to help readers identify the components of a hydraulic system and its function. Details of some of the important components of the hydraulic system and their functions are included in this article.

Hydraulic reservoir

The lifeblood of every hydraulic system is hydraulic fluid. This fluid, required to drive the hydraulic system, is stored in a reservoir / tank. The size of the reservoir will vary depending on the hydraulic system used and the application. Air trapped in the liquid will cause problems such as aeration.

Thus, the reservoir is designed to remove entrained air and cool the hydraulic fluid under pressure. In addition, additional space is provided in the system to avoid overfilling due to oil expansion. The rim on the filler neck of most of the tank is the maximum fill limit. Another method to prevent overfilling is to check the liquid level with a glass or plastic sight gauge, tube, or dipstick.

Hydraulic Filters

The main problem with any hydraulic fluid is its contamination. Rust, foreign particles and water are some of the contaminants that can cause any hydraulic system to fail. Filters are used in hydraulic systems to remove these foreign particles and purify the fluid. 

It is important to clean or replace the filter regularly. Otherwise, the hydraulic fluid pressure will drop, leading to other problems. Typically, filter units are installed in the pressure and return lines to prevent damage to the main components.

Hydraulic drives

Hydraulic drives convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Cylinders and motors are two important types of actuators. Hydraulic cylinders generate unidirectional force. So they are called linear drives. Hydraulic cylinder types contain more detailed information on hydraulic cylinders. 

A hydraulic motor is another type of actuator that converts hydraulic energy into rotating mechanical energy. The flow of fluid to the engine determines the speed of rotation. Gear, vane and piston are the three classifications of hydraulic motors. Geared motors and vane motors are simple rotating systems with the advantages of low cost and high speed. Sophisticated reciprocating engines are suitable for high quality drive systems.

Tubes and pipelines

The hydraulic lines and pipes have the same function as the hydraulic hose. They transfer fluid between the components of the hydraulic system. A pipe / tube are a tubular section or hollow cylinder through which hydraulic pressure flows. Due to their rigidity, such connections require more space and time to install. Both pipes and pipes are interchangeable.

Hydraulic hoses

Flexible hydraulic hoses connect individual components like pumps, motors, cylinders, etc., and transfer fluid between them. The flexibility of the hoses makes them suitable for applications requiring less space. Another advantage of hydraulic hoses is ease of maintenance and installation. Because the hydraulic system operates at high temperatures and pressures, the hoses have multiple layers of reinforcement. Reinforced, spiral, corrugated, swivel and multi-piece are different types of hydraulic hoses and many other useable products are available at Metkoff.fi.

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