Instagram Marketing Tips That Cannot Be Ignored

When talking about image-based social media networks, Instagram is by far the most powerful and popular. This is why it is always worth taking into account the use of Instagram marketing whenever it makes sense. This can easily improve your brand and get you closer to the goals you have, regardless of what they are.

Marketers from all around the world read social media news to figure out what the next big thing is. You do not have to do this since Instagram is definitely the next big thing for any brand that can take advantage of this visual-rich platform. Wondering why? Here are some statistics that you just cannot ignore about Instagram:

  • There are 400 million Instagram users that are active every single day.
  • There are 700 million Instagram users that are active every single month.
  • Over 40 billion images were already shared.
  • Every day, 95 million images are shared.
  • 68% of Instagram’s user base is female.
  • 80% of Instagram’s user base is not based in the US.

With all these statistics in mind, here are some of the most important Instagram marketing tips that have to be taken into account by marketers interested in this platform.

Regularly Post Content

When you want to grow or maintain an audience on Facebook, it is a very bad idea to post one time per month. You have to regularly post content. In fact, the average business actually publishes around 1.5 posts per day.

With this said, we have to highlight that post frequency does not influence engagement. With other networks, engagement per post goes down if you post several times per day. On Instagram, you get the same engagement per post when you post over 2 times daily. This means you can easily take advantage of posting to increase brand interaction.

Interact With Users

Speaking about interaction, one of the worst mistakes made by many Instagram account holders is that they do not interact with their audience. They just post images/videos. When you answer the comments, you can show brand personality and can make it so much easier for the users to relate to the business.

You need to have a positive tone when you interact with other accounts. At the same time, you have to pay attention to the words that are said by both the audience and you.

Embrace Your Creativity

There are millions of photographs posted on Instagram every single day. In order to stand out, you have to use your creativity and embrace an outside-the-box approach. As you build your Instagram marketing strategy, consider promotion and the uniqueness of the content you create. Why should people interact with your content? This is the most valuable question you have to ask.

Remember that Instagram constantly evolves. There are new changes that appear at a frequent rate. Due to this, you have to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends. As you are aware of them, you can create better campaigns with better results.

Every single business can be promoted on Instagram. You just need to figure out how.

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