The Tips to Take the Better Photos with Your Smartphone

A good photo is a good photo no matter with what you take the photo with. So do with your smart phone. Below are some tips for you to make a good photo by using your smart phone camera.

1. Do not Forget the Rules of Photography
Although you use the smart phone camera, you may not forget the rules of photography such as the balance composition and the expressive lighting. You can also activate golden ratio lay over if your smart phone has this feature. Basically, the camera phone has the strength and weakness and as a user the important thing is how to minimize the weakness or the bad thing and maximize the strength that the camera phone has.

2. Get Close to the Object
Many cameras in the cell phone especially the iPhone will have the best quality of the photo if you brought the object close to the camera. The small censor on the camera will catch the more focus photo when the object is close to the camera. Meanwhile, the camera with the bigger censors and the longer lenses will have the trouble on it. Besides that, by getting close with an object, you can also freely have a control to the light aspect of the things that become your subject.

3. Do not Zoom
Many cameras that are used in the smart phone are having the zoom feature, but you are better for not using it when you capture an object of your photograph. When you were zooming the object, the camera will get extrapolate what already in the object and the image will be looked like so bad. The same if you done with the cropping the result will not too good. It is because when you are cropping the image, it means that you are still have many resolution left.

4. Don’t filter the image
Filtering the image is maybe become the last touch of your photo. This is usually done by many people because they want to have a unique picture, so they use the same filter feature that is used by many people. The result of the image that is using the filter feature is maybe good but it will be not unique and boring because many people are also uses this filter. If you wanted to have a good and unique photo, it is better to use some editing application such as photoshop, snapseed, express or the iPhoto. These editing applications will offer the reasonable adjustment such as the contrast, color temperature and sharpness.

The other advantage that you can get by using these applications to edit your photo is you can be more creative and make your own style. You also can extend the style that you already developed outside of your smart phone. This way will be more effective than giving some filters that are available and slapping it into your photo. By avoiding the filter and using your own editing, you can have the better photo and a more unique photo.

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