5 Tech Tools You’ll Need to Start a Small Business

There are likely a million different things on the mind of a small business owner. After all, small business owners tend to wear many different hats as a result of trying to cut costs by working multiple jobs and departments.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to make the life of a small business owner easier:

Project management tool

A project management tool is ideal for remote workers as it allows teams to create projects and tasks in an online setting that everyone can see and make notes on. Trello, for example, is one of many common project management tool. It allows teams to collaborate with its boards, cards, and lists, which make it easier for small business owners to organize tasks, projects, work, and information. It makes work less cluttered as you can create multiple cards in a list and write more details inside each one. Meanwhile, you can also create multiple boards if you’re working on different projects or with different teams.

Call center software

If your small business involves your team making a lot of phone calls and/or customer service calls, then cloud call center software is a must. While this type of software can come with many bells and whistles and there are many options you can choose from based on what your business needs. Ultimately, it’ll make it easier for your customers to communicate with your team and vice versa.

As an example, an interactive voice response (IVR) makes it possible for your customers to find solutions to their problems without actually having to talk to a customer service representative, and that’s really just the beginning. A list of prompts are made available to the customer so he or she can find what he or she is looking for, or be directed to the correct department if he or she can’t find the exact answer to his or her question.

This also allows agents to be more productive and efficient because customers will be directed to them based on departments and skill sets.

Collaboration service

No matter how big or small your team is, a collaboration service is essential as it will make it easier to talk to your workers in an online setting. That means the ability to seamlessly contact and have a conversation about a project withg whoever you need to ASAP in an office setting.

With a tool like Slack, you can talk to your team in a one-on-one message setting or send messages to an entire team or group members.Slack puts all of your members in one place and makes it easier to save conversations that are easily accessible as well as share important information.

Conference calling platform

A conference calling platform makes it possible to talk to multiple members at once in a conference call setting. Many platforms and apps also make video calls available to make communication more personal and professional — not to mention faster and straight to the point.

These calls can even be saved so you and your team can go back to previous calls. This goes hand in hand when you’re sharing your screen so you can show an employee how to use a specific app or do work for a project.

Scheduling software

Scheduling software is important for business owners who take a lot of phone calls and phone meetings. Instead of emailing back and forth with a potential client or employee about when the best time for a phone call is, a service like Calendly shows when you’re available and allows a person to book a phone call with you. This makes scheduling a phone call with you and your business more efficient and straightforward for your employees and potential clients.

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