Does Your Business Need a POS System? How to Choose the Right One

A point of sale system is absolutely mandatory if you have a restaurant business. As the owner of a dining establishment, you will want to have a POS system in place as it can make the overall flow of your business. However, it’s important to know how to go about choosing the right restaurant POS system. There are certain ways you can know how to pick the best one for your needs.

Types of POS for Restaurants

First and foremost, it’s important to know that there are different types of POS systems you can use in a restaurant. Generally speaking, the type you opt for depends on a few factors, including the strength of your business, your priorities and your payment processing requirements. For example, if you like to switch your menu on a regular basis, you may want a POS that can connect your menu to a list of ingredients or flawlessly track inventory.

The following are the typical types of POS systems for restaurants:

Traditional POS

A traditional, or legacy, POS, is the type that restaurants have used since the 1980s. It is available in the form of a stationary terminal with a touchscreen that connects to an internal server. Payment processing is done at the terminal and this kind of POS can handle sales reporting, inventory management, splitting bills among customers, handle reservations and handle delivery and takeout orders. However, these are not ideal at this point as they are costly, cannot be accessed offsite and require regular maintenance every month.

Mobile POS

A mobile POS is one of the best options for today’s businesses, including restaurants. Generally, iPads are used for handling point of sale and put the POS terminal right in your own hands. This option has many advantages and allows for new payment processing, including chip and PIN transactions, cloud connectivity that allows data to be accessed anytime from any location and integration with other software.

Self-Serve Kiosk

The newest POS technology is the self-serve kiosk. Bigger establishments that serve food quickly have been adopting this type of POS as it allows customers to quickly order their own food and pay for it as well. This option reduces the number of staff required to take orders.

Important POS Features

In today’s world, all restaurant POS systems should have certain key features. These are absolutely essential for most modern businesses to function effectively. In general, you will want your POS to work offline at all times. It should be noted that there are features that can allow a mobile POS to work even if the Internet is down.

Your system should easily be able to print receipts and tickets as well. You can also go with the option of screens installed in the kitchen that can show your cook or cooks incoming orders.

You will certainly want to allow for as many payment options as possible with your POS. The more ways you allow customers to order their food, the more money your establishment will make. Most people pay with a credit or debit card, especially if they are buying multiple meals.

All of these things can help you to decide on the best restaurant POS system. Consider the features and you can determine the best POS for your needs.

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