New Feature in Uber App for Easily Picking People

Many people use Uber App to make extra money by renting their own car to other people. The application is now developed with new feature so the drivers can use it more easily. The application also has been known and used by more people in all over the world. It is a helping application for car owners and people who need certain type of car to reach their destinations.

The newly announced feature by Uber is for the Bay Area. The feature allows drivers to input the destinations of them so it can match the passengers who need to travel in the same destinations. The destinations input can be done twice a day by the drivers. Meanwhile, the application pinpoints the passengers controlled in generally same direction.

The clearest function of the new feature can be felt while from home and driving to, yet some other scenarios are suggested by Uber, such as while running jobs.

Everyone who uses Uber app while driving can use the new feature. The drivers just need to choose a saved destination or looking for a new destination. By having the chosen destination, the application will search potential riders automatically and controlled well in the same route. However, the new application feature today has tested only in Bay Area. Ubers revealed that the feature will soon come to the broader markets next time.

The new feature may a little bit same with the carpooling service feature called Uber Pool. In some ways, the two features are quite similar yet some key differences available. The UberPool feature ties multiple passengers on the same general direction. Meanwhile, the new feature ties passengers and driver on the same direction.

The biggest competitor of Uber app in United Stated, Lyft, launched the similar feature one year ago. The feature is almost identic named Driver Destination. The feature is made to recruit new drivers. However, the Lyft applications allows the drivers to access the feature three times daily, whereas Uber’s drivers can only use the feature twice a day. Both current drivers and potential drivers can use the feature of Uber and Lyft in the same capacity.

The functional feature really helps the drivers and the people. Hopefully, the Uber app will soon be available in all countries where the application has been broadly used. It is not impossible if Uber will release one more new feature that provides self-driving cars that replace the drivers.

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