How can investing in high quality equipment help your mushroom farm grow?

Growing a mushroom farm requires increasing its efficiency, as well as its reducing maintenance and employee costs. All of it and more can be achieved thanks to high quality equipment from acquired from proven, reliable sources.

We will explain in more detail how investment in such equipment can help your farm grow and ensure its profitability below.

Mushroom picking lorries

Mushroom picking lorries are one of the most important pieces of equipment in all of the mushroom farm. If designed right, they can significantly speed up the harvest, thus allowing for higher productivity and bigger profit.

Mushroom farm lamps

To avoid lamps frequently breaking and losing their properties, it’s important to choose mushroom farm lamps that comply with the IP68 waterproofing standard. Only they can have a long service life in the difficult conditions that exist in mushroom farms and can be detrimental to ordinary lamps.

Mushroom growing shelving

High durability of good quality aluminum shelves allows for many years of usage, without the need for frequent replacements. Their resistance to mechanical damage, together with the lack of risk of corrosion, make them a best choice for a mushroom farm intent on growing and reducing their costs. Additionally, because of the fact that aluminum reflects light, such shelving positively affects the crop’s quality.

Growing nets

Growing nets are without a shadow of a doubt essential part of every modern mushroom farm’s equipment. Their purpose is simple, but very important – they are used for pulling substrate onto the selves and then removing it after usage. Long service life of good quality mats (which can reach 15 years) is possible due to their durability and excellent material. Normal use of such mats does not result in any damage or narrowing.

Mushroom scales

Choosing high quality mushroom scales, which come with a two-year manufacturer guarantee, do not break easily and can be used for long periods of time without any issues. Battery-powered scales are especially efficient, as they do not require frequent charging and only need for their batteries to be changed from time to time.

Mushroom farm climate control

High quality of the mushrooms and less money spent on heating and cooling are only some of the advantages of a modern mushroom farm climate control system. It’s important to invest in a well-designed system, as it will ensure higher yields and allow for more control over each stage of the mushrooms’ growth.

Knives for mushroom picking

Well-made knives for mushroom picking are distinguished by high quality of both the blade, which doesn’t dull easily, and the handle. As such, the need for frequently buying new knives is eliminated.

Watering system

Growing a mushroom farm requires reducing labor costs, which can be achieved by choosing an automated irrigation system mounted under the shelves of the shelving. Thanks to such systems, the mushrooms are always optimally watered, and less employee effort is required. Modern watering systems allow for remote control, which makes their use even easier.

Growing tunnel covers

Service life of more than a decade is possible for high quality growing tunnel covers. Not only will they not lose their properties for all that time, they are also not at risk of being penetrates or having holes form.

Investing in high quality mushroom farm equipment can allow the farm to grow because it ensures higher productivity and reduces many types of costs associated with running such a farm. The farm’s growth in turn means significantly higher earnings.

High quality, advanced and modern mushroom farm equipment can be purchased from GROWTIME, a longtime manufacturer that prides itself on delivering only the best possible products. GROWTIME’s equipment is a safe, reliable choice that will allow the farm to grow.undefined

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