How AWS Managed Service is Helping Companies

The major factor that is driving companies to harbor cloud computing technology is cost saving by migrating their resources to the cloud. Companies are turning towards AWS Managed Service Providers for consulting and deploying their resources into the cloud.

According to Computerworld’s Tech Forecast 2017 study, it was discovered that about 80% of the businesses have migrated at least one of their infrastructure or application to the cloud. And about 27% of the businesses plan to increase their budget on the cloud dep

Outsourcing the resources to cloud platform such as AWS has saved a considerable amount of time and money for the companies as they are free to focus on the business and their deliverables.

The rise of AWS Cloud Services

As companies are realizing that migrating data centers to the cloud is becoming beneficial, they are actively recognizing the value of management of cloud architecture.  The prime benefits of AWS Managed Services are:

Future Proof Infrastructure: The very first step of future-proofing your data center is by migrating from on-premises to AWS Cloud environment. AWS is constantly developing new products, that are better than the existing product. Businesses that are already in the cloud can quickly adopt the latest technology offered by the cloud provider to bring in increased efficiency and improved performance.

Proactive Infrastructure Management: One can leverage AWS Managed Service Providers to efficiently manage the AWS services like access control, system configuration, resource optimization, automation, security and patch management, and disaster recovery. AWS managed service providers house trained and certified engineers to manage AWS services more efficiently.

Exceptional Evolving Support: Like any technology out there, the cloud as well is rapidly evolving. In time, when the business grows the business needs will change and evolve where you need to adopt more/new resources by leveraging the new AWS cloud services.

When the time comes to adopt more or new AWS service, the cloud engineers are ready to adapt to your environment. Since Managed Service Providers have been involved in a number of AWS environments they have a deep understanding of how to make your infrastructure more efficient and productive.

Cloud operations management: Cloud is not just a technology to deploy your infrastructure. You need to define the roles and responsibilities to the people and processes and should be mutually understood. AWS Partners can help businesses by training the internal staff as well as define the process that will support business-critical functions.

Security: Security is always a top priority and crucial for any business. Lack of security features leads to a breach in your data center ultimately losing company data. The cost of the breach is much higher than the expectation as the customer’s trust is lost. Cloud MSPs are competent in building, deploying, and patching all the necessary security controls to your IT environment. This brings in value to the organization as cloud MSPs have both expertise and experience in managing the cloud environment.

Cost Savings: Partnering with the AWS MSP reduces the operating expenses of the organization which is a plus point of any IT project. Outsourcing non-core functions to AWS Partners saves the cost as the IT staffing and the purchase of additional equipment is avoided. The indirect savings increased network uptime, protection, better security, and better network performance. For more information on saving your AWS cost, please refer our eBook AWS Cost Optimization Guidebook.

Author Bio: Ninad Gupte is AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, with more than 20 years experience in Hosting and Managed IT Services. He actively works on Cloud Adoption, Migration, Management, Security and Optimisation projects. He is the founder of Interpole Technologies. Connect with him via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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